Volunteers Distribute 30K Doughnuts To Migrant Workers, Bringing Smiles To Their Faces

Volunteers Deliver Doughnuts To Migrant Workers

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, doughnuts are one of the most irresistible pastries you can never have too much of.

So when a social enterprise, The Social Kitchen, donated 850 cartons of doughnuts to ItsRainingRaincoats, volunteers quickly galvanised into action.

Even without transport of their own, they managed to distribute the doughnuts to migrant workers all around Singapore.

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Volunteers distribute 30,000 doughnuts to migrant workers

On Tuesday (13 Jul), ItsRainingRaincoats shared on Facebook that The Social Kitchen donated 850 cartons of doughnuts to them.

Each carton comprises about 24 to 36 doughnuts.

With such a large amount of perishables, they were presented with a challenge — to arrange for the doughnuts to be distributed as quickly as possible.

Having no paid staff or resources to organise transportation, they had to rely on their trusty volunteers who rose to the challenge.

The volunteers promptly loaded up their cars and got to moving.

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They travelled around Singapore, distributing cartons of doughnuts to migrant workers at their work sites.

volunteers donuts migrant workersSource

There were even a few young and a-dough-rable volunteers who pitched in.


And with such dedicated volunteers, they managed the feat of distributing around 30,000 doughnuts to the migrant workers.


Workers enjoy a quick snack

It definitely was hard work travelling all around Singapore distributing doughnuts.

But after seeing the smiles on migrant workers’ faces upon receiving the doughnuts, the volunteers will feel their efforts were certainly not in vain.


Some workers also immediately dug into the snacks with their friends.


At some locations, truckloads of doughnuts were also being sent to share the joy with more workers.


Kudos to volunteers for their hard work

It certainly is no small feat to rely solely on volunteers to distribute such a large amount of doughnuts.

Kudos to ItsRainingRaincoats’ volunteers for their tireless work in showing our appreciation and sharing joy with our migrant workers’ community.

A special shoutout must go to The Social Kitchen as well for putting the order together.

Hopefully, thanks to their efforts, our hardworking workers got to enjoy a short break from their demanding workdays.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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