S’pore Driver Found Motionless In Stopped Car, Motorists Work Together To Get Him Out

Singapore Driver Found Motionless In Stopped Car Along Tampines Road

We have often heard older Singaporeans complaining how the younger generation have lost its kampung spirit.

However, for these 4 motorists, they have shown that our kampung spirit is still intact in our community.


Through a Facebook post, Mr Eusop shared how he along with 3 others stopped to assist a fellow driver who suffered a heart attack.

Singapore driver looked as if he was asleep in stopped car

Mr Eusop – who was driving along Tampines Road towards Hougang Ave 7 on Tuesday (21 Jul) – spotted a stationary car at a grass patch on the opposite lane.

S'pore Driver Heart Attack - Tampines RoadSource

Initially thinking it was a traffic police car, he became suspicious after realising it was actually an ordinary vehicle but without its hazard lights on.

S'pore Driver Heart Attack 1Source

Noticing the driver sliding to his left as if he were asleep, he immediately dialled 999 and made a U-turn to stop near the car to assist the driver.

3 other motorists came to help

As the car doors were locked and he was unable to get a response from the driver, Mr Eusop began signalling for help at other vehicles.

Thankfully, a black van – driven by a man named Taufiq – stopped to assist him.  Taufiq who was an ex-SCDF personnel suggested to break the windows so that they can perform CPR on the driver.

A migrant worker in the opposite lane also rushed to assist them bringing along a metal pole.

Another man delivering gas cylinders also stopped and rushed to help, bringing with him a hammer.

Performed CPR while waiting for the ambulance

With their tools, the 4 motorists proceeded to break the rear window before extracting the driver, where Taufiq performed CPR while waiting for paramedics.


According to his Facebook post, Mr Eusop also stated that the driver was also a father of young kids, after noticing the wallpaper of the driver’s phone.

Driver has since passed on

Unfortunately, despite the combined efforts of these 4 motorists and the paramedics, the investigating officer has informed Mr Eusop that the driver has since passed on.

Nevertheless, kudos to these 4 motorists for their act of kindness and courage. They did not hesitate to stop and lend a helping hand to someone in need.

If it wasn’t for Mr Eusop, the driver’s tragic fate may have gone unnoticed for a longer period of time.

MS News sends our condolences to the family of the late driver.

Featured images adapted from Facebook & Facebook.

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