Driverless Car Collides Into Truck, Netizens Wonder If 7th Month ‘Friends’ Did It

Driverless Car Inches Forward From Parking Lot & Hits Lorry

With the 7th lunar month upon us, those who are superstitious might be extra wary and paranoid of paranormal happenings. Here’s a handy infographic in case you’re wondering about the alleged dos and don’ts.


However, on Wednesday (19 Aug) evening, a truly bizarre thing happened in a Toa Payoh parking lot when an allegedly driverless car inched forward from its parking lot and collided into a truck.

Footage of the incident was uploaded on the Facebook page.


Given the coincidental timing of the incident, many netizens couldn’t help but question if it had anything to do with the 7th month.

Driverless car hits lorry in Toa Payoh car park

At the start of the video, the vehicle with the dashcam was seen travelling in the narrow car park. A long lorry can also be seen moving just ahead of the vehicle.


According to the video’s description, the incident apparently happened at an outdoor parking space near Block 239 along Toa Payoh Lorong 1.


As the vehicle with the dashcam attempts to exit the car park, a white hatchback started inching forward from the lot it was parked in.


The car eventually hit the left side of the truck.


But here’s where things get truly bizarre — the white hatchback was allegedly unmanned.

This can be seen in the following zoomed-in footage.


While it’ll likely remain a mystery how the accident occurred, the slow pace at which the white hatchback inched forward suggests that no acceleration was applied.

Netizens proposed explanations

Given the timing of the incident, many netizens couldn’t help but wonder if our 7th-month ‘friends’ were responsible.


This Facebook user offered a more scientific explanation, hypothesising that the ‘vibrations’ from the lorry was the cause of it.


Another netizen guessed that it was simply gravity at work.


Have any explanations in mind?

Our hearts go out to the car and lorry owners for any losses that they might have sustained.

Though the 7th lunar month might often be synonymous with the presence of paranormal beings and events, chances are there’s a scientific explanation to this incident.

Do you have any theories in mind that may explain the events in the clip? Share them in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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