CNB Arrests 8 For Trafficking Activities & Concealing Drugs Inside Papayas

Drug traffickers are getting up to some fruity business recently, as the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) found out.

During a vehicle check near River Valley Road yesterday (17 Sep), officers found a particular papaya containing 3 bundles of ‘Ice’.


They also found other drugs in the vehicles, and arrested a total of 8 men – 5 Singaporean and 3 Malaysians – for drug trafficking.

Read on to find out more about the juicy details.

CNB finds drugs inside papayas

During an operation last night (17 Sep), CNB officers stopped a vehicle in the vicinity of River Valley Road, and inspected it for drugs.

They arrested 2 Singaporeans – aged 29 and 48 – and found the following:

  • Bundles of papayas, probably not for snacking
  • 333g + 42g of Ice
  • 121g + 14g ketamine
  • 37g heroin
  • 1x Erimin-5 tablet

The 3 Ice and 2 ketamine bundles were stuffed inside the papaya, which were carved out to conceal the dastardly substances.


But the work didn’t stop there for CNB officers, who had to track where the drug-filled papayas came from.

6 others arrested in follow-up operation

The follow-up operations saw another 6 people arrested.

In the vicinity of Pasir Panjang Wholesale centre, 3 Malaysians – aged 18, 22, and 27 – were arrested.


They believe that the papayas were packed and loaded in the area.


Another 2 Singaporeans – aged 34 and 50 – were arrested around Clementi Ave 4.

Finally, a 44-year-old Singaporean was arrested near Bukit Purmei Ave.

CNB investigations ongoing

CNB said that they’re investigating the activities.

Papayas are just the latest fruit used for concealing drugs.

Previous busts saw a variety of fruits, including pumpkins and coconuts, used for similar nefarious purposes.

Are you willing to take a guess on the next fruit that they’ll use? Our bet is on durian.

But seriously, these activities are punished extremely harshly here. Whatever the circumstances, Singapore won’t hesitate to mete out punishments for drug activities.

Featured image adapted from CNB.