CNB Seizes $30,000 Worth Of Drugs Hidden In Pumpkins, Enough For 114 Addicts

Drugs Found Concealed In Pumpkins In Unit Along Clementi Avenue 5

In some countries, it’s common for kids to carve shapes in pumpkins during Halloween, transforming them into scary lanterns.


However, a Singaporean was recently caught carving pumpkins for some pretty illegal activities.

On Monday (3 Aug), officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) nabbed a 64-year-old man after they found $30,000 worth of drugs — some of which were found hidden in 2 pumpkins.


CNB officers find 240g of heroin hidden inside pumpkins

According to CNB’s press release, officers were observing the man’s behaviour along Clementi Avenue 5 on Monday (3 Aug) evening.


The man allegedly brought a basket holding vegetables and other produce up a “residential block”. Officers later arrested him when he returned to the ground floor with the basket.

0.4g of heroin, 1g of ‘Ice’ as well as $2,276 worth of cash was found on the man.

A subsequent search conducted at the man’s unit uncovered more drugs, including 240g of heroin and 500 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets hidden inside 2 pumpkins.


Officers also found 0.3g of heroin, approximately 0.5g of ‘ice’, as well as other drug-related equipment.

In total, officers seized around $30,000 worth of drugs:

  • 240g of heroin
  • 1.5g of ‘Ice’
  • 500 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets

What was especially worrying was the 240g of heroin, which CNB shared is enough to satisfy the addiction of 114 addicts over a week.

The 64-year-old Singaporean man was arrested for “suspected drug trafficking activities”. Investigations are ongoing.

Earlier last month, the CNB also found 317g of ketamine found hidden in a single coconut.

CNB Finds Drugs Inside Coconut, Husks How Can This Be Allowed

Props to CNB officers for foiling drug case

With coconuts and pumpkins being used to conceal drugs, we wonder what vegetable or fruits will be next. Durian? Pineapple? Guess only time would tell.

In any case, kudos to the CNB officers for foiling yet another bizarre drug case.

As drug users and traffickers get more creative on their methods of concealment, it’s vital for officers to be extra vigilant.

Featured image adapted from Central Narcotic Bureau

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