Durian Smell Allegedly Causes Bus Conductor In Thailand To Faint After She Suffers Allergic Reaction

Durian Smell Allegedly Causes Bus Conductor In Thailand To Faint After She Suffers Allergic Reaction

Bus Conductor In Thailand Reportedly Faints As Result Of Durian Smell

Due to its uniquely rich taste, durians are popular among many across Asia.

durian bus conductor

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However, its stench is another matter entirely.

This is why the fruit is generally not permitted aboard public transport, both in Singapore and other countries.

We recently got an idea of why this rule is in place when a passenger in Thailand recently brought durian on a bus with them.

The famously pungent smell purportedly caused the bus conductor to faint and she had to go to the hospital.

Bus conductor in Thailand faints from smell of durian

The bus conductor shared about the incident on 8 Sep.

She stated that a passenger had brought an unspecified number of durians onto the bus, causing her to suffer an allergic reaction.

According to the OP, she felt a tightness in her chest and struggled to breathe.

A photo accompanying the post shows her lying down across several seats on the bus while two other people attend to her.

durian bus conductor

Source: Facebook

She also called out the individual responsible for bringing the durians on board, pointing out that other passengers experienced a delay in their journey as a result.

She then thanked two individuals for bringing her to the hospital, as well as her boss for checking up on her condition.

In May this year, The Nation Thailand reported that the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority has classified the smell of durians has a “public nuisance”.

Because of this, passengers are no longer allowed to carry them on buses.

Feeling better but still experiences dizziness

Speaking to Thai news publication Thairath, the bus conductor shared an update on her health after the stinky ordeal.

She said that she was feeling better but still experienced dizziness and had to take an injection for it.

The woman pointed out that whenever passengers bring durians onto a bus, she would ask them to disembark immediately.

However, the smell would still linger, causing such an incident to occur.

She went on to emphasise that, according to regulations, passengers should not bring items with a strong smell on a bus.

This doesn’t just pertain to durians but also to other edibles, such as fermented fish.

Such purchases should be made closer to home to avoid any problems, she added.

Of course, this incident isn’t unique to Thailand.

Passengers in Singapore too have previously found themselves in trouble for bringing the fruit on public transport.

Earlier this year, a bus captain refused to drive off after an uncle boarded the vehicle with durians and did not want to disembark.

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