Bus Captain Refuses To Drive With Durians On Board, SBS Reminds Passengers To Be Considerate

Uncle Brings Durians Into Bus & Refuses To Leave, Driver Refuses To Drive & Turns Off Aircon

As many Singaporeans might know, durians are prohibited on Singapore’s public transport.

A bus driver might inform some who have forgotten or are ignorant of this rule.

However, an uncle who brought durians into a bus was dismissive of the driver and continued to stay on the bus.

Source: @thh0930 on TikTok

This prompted the driver to refuse to drive off, drawing the ire of other passengers.

Uncle seen with bag of durians in bus

In a TikTok video posted on Friday (9 June), an uncle in an orange polo T-shirt stands on a bus with a large plastic bag next to him.

There are apparently a number of durians inside the bag, which explains why the bus is stationary.

In the caption, the OP explains that the driver had turned off the bus’ aircon and refused to drive.

Passengers heard scolding driver

One of the first voices heard is an auntie saying in Mandarin,

You’re creating a big problem when there’s no problem!

The female bus driver then replies that a passenger had complained yesterday.

But she’s interrupted by several passengers, including a woman who says,

One stop only, never mind lah!

Uncle with durians tries to convince bus driver to drive

The uncle who brought in the durians then chips in, saying he takes this bus every day.

He then turns to the driver and urges her to drive off, adding that nothing will happen.

Source: @thh0930 on TikTok

He also tries to convince her that no complaint will be made against her.

Passengers loudly complain to driver, one uses vulgarities

The camera then turns to the busload of passengers staring at the driver accusingly.

One man standing in the aisle loudly spews vulgarities at her, demanding that she drive.

He and other passengers also complain about the lack of aircon, with a woman saying that the entire bus is “suffocating to death”.

Source: @thh0930 on TikTok

Another passenger accused her of reacting this way due to “a small issue, ” affecting many people on board.

After minutes of verbal abuse towards the driver, the bus finally starts moving.

Most netizens side with bus driver

Unlike the bus passengers, netizens took the side of the bus driver, with many pointing out that it’s a rule that’s clearly stated on signs on the buses.

Source: @thh0930 on TikTok

One said the uncle should’ve walked since it was just one stop.

Source: @thh0930 on TikTok

Many netizens also criticised the passengers for scolding the driver, with one saying that they should’ve reprimanded the uncle with the durians instead.

Source: @thh0930 on TikTok

However, one commenter didn’t seem to think bringing durians on buses was a big deal, suggesting the rule should be relaxed.

Source: @thh0930 on TikTok

It was pointed out that the durian smell would purportedly have a greater effect on the bus’ airconditioning than expected, diffusing throughout the entire vehicle.

Source: @thh0930 on TikTok

This probably explains why the driver turned off the aircon on the bus.

SBS reminds passengers to be considerate

In response to queries from MS News, SBS Transit spokesperson Grace Wu said the passenger had boarded the bus with durians, and their bus captain duly pointed out that this was not allowed.

However, he refused to cooperate and continued to stay on the bus.

Source: @thh0930 on TikTok

In this situation, the bus captain had to contact SBS’ Operations Control Centre for assistance.

“After a while, the passenger alighted, and the bus resumed its journey,” Mrs Wu said.

SBS emphasised their policy of not allowing durians on board public buses.

This is because the strong odour “may cause discomfort to some passengers in the enclosed air-conditioned environment”, the spokesperson explained, adding,

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind passengers to be gracious and considerate when travelling on public transport. They should also avoid carrying items that may cause inconvenience to others to avoid causing delays or disruptions to bus journeys.

In a Facebook post in April 2021, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) said the “overpowering aroma” of durians lingers in air-conditioned areas.

This may be unpleasant for some, the ministry added.

After all, while many Singaporeans love the durian smell, it caused an entire building in Germany to be evacuated in 2020 — proof that not everybody is a fan.

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Featured image adapted from @thh0930 on TikTok.

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