You Can Get These Comfy Durian Slippers On Shopee Or Lazada Singapore

Durian season is still a few months away but that won’t stop our ongoing love affair with the king of fruits. If you want to broadcast your love of durian to the world, we’ve found a convenient way to show off your obsession.

We’ve recently discovered Shopee and Lazada have thorny durian slippers that let you walk with your favourite fruit — even when taking the MRT or boarding a bus.

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If you’re a fellow durian devotee, here’s the pair of slippers that screams your personal style.

Durian slippers come in 4 colours

Similar to different durian varieties, the slippers come in 4 colours — green, yellow-green, light yellow, and yellow.

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The inside of the slippers features soft soles so you can travel long distances.

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The diverse hues remind us of the Mao Shan Wang durian, which could have greyish-green or yellowish-brown husks. Or a typical durian with a green husk and a yellow flesh.

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While most durian species have green or yellowish husks, hardcore durian lovers may debate on the ideal colour to pick, just like when they’re inspecting a shelf of fruits.


Since there’s no harm in having multiple durian footwear, you can always collect ‘em all.


Shopping with durian slippers

We can’t wait to don our comfy slippers when shopping for MSW durian in the market.


Maybe highlighting your obsession could impress vendors and earn you some brownie points when haggling.


Complete the outfit with a durian T-shirt to prove that your one true love is durian. We hope that your slippers won’t smell like the actual fruit.


Get them on Shopee or Lazada Singapore

The slippers are priced from $4.80 in Shopee Singapore.


Another option is Lazada Singapore where prices start at $5.70.


Preppin’ for durian season 2021

Local durian fans are quick to arrive in durian stalls to hunt for bargain deals for the king of fruit. We hope you share the same enthusiasm when snagging these slippers because we predict stocks will run out fast.

If you love making a durian-themed fashion statement, be on the lookout for an outfit that will match these slippers.

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Featured image adapted from Shopee Singapore.