Nestlé’s Musang King Durian Ice Cream Is An Atas Homage To The King Of Fruits

Nestlé Malaysia Has Musang King Durian Ice Cream Made From Actual Durian Flesh

Just last week, we reported about a shop in Taiwan that serves durian shaved ice served in an actual spiky husk.

Thicc Durian Snowflake Ice Served In An Actual Husk Exists In Taiwan

Closer to home, Nestlé Malaysia recently launched Musang King Durian Ice Cream that apparently has firm and fleshy Mao Shan Wang (MSW) durian as the main ingredient.


While the new ice cream has yet to arrive in Singapore, we’re hoping that the decadent dessert will make it to our fridge soon.

Nestlé Malaysia Musang King ice cream

Nestlé Malaysia’s Musang King ice cream is made from actual MSW durians. For durian lovers, we surmise it will beat all the ice cream flavours that they’ve tasted in their lifetimes, given how rich and gao MSW durians are.

Musang King durian ice cream 1Source

The ice cream almost seems to emit a golden glow that’s synonymous with MSW durian flesh.

Musang King durian ice cream 2Source

While you’ve probably seen MSW ice cream at hipster café and dessert shops, having it in a pint allows us to have it from the comforts of our homes.


S$8.14/pint in Malaysia

For now, Nestlé’s Musang King Ice cream is only available on Lazada and Shopee platforms in Malaysia.

Freshly launched on Wednesday (15 Jul), each pint goes for S$8.14 (RM 25), slightly cheaper than a double scoop from a typical ice cream parlour.

Hope it comes to Singapore too!

Given how close Malaysia is, we hope Nestlé will eventually launch the product in Singapore too so durian lovers here will be able to have a taste of it too.

Meanwhile, the imminent reopening of Singapore and Malaysia’s border for business travel in August is just around the corner. While leisure travel will likely not be allowed then, the decline in Covid-19 cases makes us feel optimistic that we’ll eventually be able to cross the Causeway and shop to our hearts’ content in the future.

Are you excited to taste this atas dessert? Let us know in the comments.

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