Thicc Durian Snowflake Ice Served In An Actual Husk Exists In Taiwan

Thicc Durian Snowflake Ice Served In Husk Is By Yansnow Ice In Taiwan

Taiwan is usually known for its BBT innovations, but it seems to be reinventing our favourite fruit too.

Taiwan food blog YummyDay recently shared that Yansnow Ice – a dessert shop in Taiwan – serves thicc durian snowflake ice plated in an actual durian husk.

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Unlike the traditional shaved ice you’ve tried, the base is a mix of durian flesh and thinly shaved milky ice shards.

Thicc durian snowflake ice

Just when you think you’ve heard of every durian recipe known to man, this latest find will surprise you.

When durian season reaches its peak in summer, Yansnow Ice piles on their signature durian snowflake ice as a signature dessert. While we’ve tried durian ice cream and shaved ice, the dish sets itself apart by using a quarter of the durian husk as the ‘plate’.

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Upon closer inspection, foodies will find that the base of the dish isn’t merely composed of chunks of ice. Instead, the foundation of the concoction is the fresh flesh of durian mixed with ice.

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The dish is topped with chunks of our favourite fruit that will make most durian-lovers salivate. Although they didn’t mention the breed of durian used, if this is topped with our beloved Mao Shan Wang (MSW) durian — we surmise it would be an ultimate 5-star treat.


Topped with a fresh milk cream drizzle

Shaved ice isn’t complete without drizzling oodles of thickened fresh milk-based cream as a topping.  As for this delectable dessert, you’ll get to do the same.


The platter also includes waffles and ice cream so you can probably forego any prior mains in exchange for this filling & jam-packed set for S$23.58 (NT$498).


Fresh mango & aromatic coffee snowflake ice

Besides whipping up a mean durian ‘ice kachang’, Yansnow Ice also boasts of other fruity concoctions on their menu.

Their mango snowflake ice has fresh fruit slices and vanilla ice cream that will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth for S$9.45 (NT$200).


Starbucks Frappuccinos are the typical pick-me-up for basic OLs who need a caffeine kick to survive a long day in office.


But if you want to venture into something new & more adventurous, try their coffee snowflake ice with cornflakes and chocolate waffle sticks for S$5.15 (NT$109).

Bookmark for your next trip

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we can’t book our tickets to Taiwan and try this durian dessert IRL anytime soon. Until it’s safe to travel again, we can only bookmark this destination for now & hope that something similar will one day reach Singapore’s shores.

But here’s a map featuring their outlet in Taichung City.

Yansnow Ice
Address: No. 28-1, Xinyi Street, Fengyuan District
Opening Hours: 12.00-10.00pm
Contact Number:04-25241940
Facebook Page: Yansnow Ice

We may not be able to travel to Taiwan soon, but we’re hoping that local chefs and our talented homechefs can crack the code and serve this to us too.

In the meantime, our successful transition to Phase 2 is making us optimistic that we can travel internationally soon.

What do you think of this durian dessert? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Facebook & Facebook.

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