Dyson Founder Buys Bukit Timah Bungalow, Just 3 Weeks After Splurging On Penthouse

Dyson Founder Buys Bukit Timah Bungalow With Infinity Pool, Waterfall & Spiral Stairway

Most of us would take a ‘sabbatical’ from shopping after splurging on a big-ticket item.

But not Sir James Dyson — the founder of British consumer electronics manufacturer, Dyson.

Just 3 weeks after spending a whopping $74 million on a Tanjong Pagar penthouse, Sir Dyson is making waves once again in the Singapore real estate scene.

This time, Sir Dyson is reportedly set to purchase a bungalow in Bukit Timah for around $45 million.


Bukit Timah bungalow overlooks the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Sir Dyson’s new purchase offers a huge contrast to his penthouse located in the bustling central business district of Tanjong Pagar.

The property is nestled atop a steep slope and offers a great view of the Singapore Botanic Gardens — our very first UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The house blends brilliantly well into its natural surroundings thanks to a series of cantilevers — thin hanging beams that reduces the ‘visual weight’ of the building.


It also achieves this using an ‘open concept’ which allows sunlight to pass through.


Curved infinity pool, waterfall, & spiral stairway

The property also houses several water features, but the most spectacular of which would undoubtedly be the massive curved infinity pool.


Parts of the pool are covered with transparent screens which allow light from the lower floors to permeate through.


The bungalow also boasts a mini-waterfall that’s generously decorated with lush plants.


That’s not all. Right in the middle of the bungalow is a spiral stairway overlooking the infinity pool.


$45 million bungalow

The property is located along Cluny Road in Bukit Timah, right next to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

While the exact price of the bungalow remains a mystery, The Straits Times reported that it was listed for around $45 million.

Will Sir Dyson be the next Billionaire to call Singapore his home?

With 2 gorgeous properties purchases in just 1 month, we wonder what other houses Sir Dyson will add to his shopping cart next.

That said, with over $100 million of property investments within such a short period, it seems to suggest that Sir Dyson plans on staying here for a long time.

Perhaps to expand Dyson’s operations in Singapore?  Only time will tell.

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Featured image adapted from Archdaily & Business Insider.  

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