Elderly Couple Celebrates 54 Years Of Blissful Marriage At Sentosa

Soh Lim and Soh Bee wed each other back in 1965 while in their late twenties, on 7 Sep — about a month after Singapore declared her independence.

Now, 80-year-old Mr Ong and 74-year-old Mdm Teo are celebrating 54 years of blissful marriage together as they renewed their vows in a surprise party at Sentosa.

Their enduring love story will definitely touch your heart, especially the moment Mdm Teo donned her wedding dress and walked down the aisle with Mr Ong once again.

Here’s how their families planned a memorable event to commemorate their lasting love for each other, entirely in secret.

Family sprung surprise on elderly couple at Sentosa

After half a decade of marriage, the Ong family decided to give their grandparents an anniversary they would never forget.

Harnessing the efforts of the entire fam – children & grandchildren included – Mr & Mrs Ong’s granddaughter took the elderly couple out, on the pretext of going on a weekend outing.

The intimate trip was only going to involve the couple and their granddaughter — or so they thought.

Little did they know that the entire family was already laying in wait at Sky Garden Sentosa to ‘ambush’ the unsuspecting couple.

Surprise makeover for ‘bride’ & ‘groom’ on-the-spot

After the surprise was revealed, a makeover was done in quick succession for the happy couple.

A quick touch of makeup and wardrobe change were all they needed to look as glorious as they did on their wedding day 54 years ago.

Mdm Teo donned an elegant white wedding gown, accompanied by her silver-haired husband in a dandy black and white suit combo.

To raucous applause by everyone present, the pair walked down the aisle once again — just as they did 54 years ago.

In a touching exchange of vows, Mrs Ong said gently,

Ah Lao (Hubby), thank you for being with me all these years. I’ll walk with you till the end of time.

Visibly moved, Mr Ong replied with a twinkle in his eye,

Old One, thank you for sticking by and taking care of me. Let’s walk together, forever.

The audience erupted into cheers as the couple shared a kiss under a canopy of fairylights — immortalising their love for each other as they did before.

Mutual love & respect helped them work out differences

The key to a successful marriage is communicating, managing expectations, and working out differences in character traits — lessons that this couple can teach all of us.

They remained companions despite their differences over the years, thanks to similar values — a heartwarming reminder that no matter who we love, love is a choice we have to make everyday.

Marriages don’t work unless we do

Mr Ong & Mdm Teo are wonderful examples of how a deep love and connection can forge a family with ties that can bind a community together forever.

We hope that their promise to walk alongside each other will inspire all Singaporeans to treasure their loved ones till the end of time too.

Featured image adapted from Sky Garden Sentosa. All images featured are from Sky Garden Sentosa unless otherwise stated.