Expat Family Share Their Favourite Food & Leisure Places In S’pore After 9 Years Here

Best Food And Leisure Places In Singapore According To Expat Family

It doesn’t hurt to get a fresh perspective on things.

A Filipino-Canadian family that has been living in Singapore for the past 9 years shared on Reddit yesterday (17 Jun) a “Best of Singapore” list. The list comprises food, wellness and leisure places.


The family has compiled the list as a form of “gratitude” for the good impression Singapore has left on them. They will soon be leaving the country and returning to Canada.

We’ve picked out a few of their favourite places below.

Best food places for each cuisine

The family sorts their most and least liked food places by cuisines.

First on the platter, Japanese. And at the top rung? Yayoi.


From pictures alone, you’d think Yayoi’s meals are priced like luxury. But in fact, most of the restaurant’s meals are priced affordably from $10 to $16, and yet never compromise on deliciousness.

The family’s favourite western food place is Collin’s Grille, for quality food and great atmosphere at a reasonable price. Their business is in pastas, pizzas, roasted whole chickens and tender shanks of steak.


For Asian foods, what delighted the family most was Vietnamese.

So Pho takes the crown with their “tasty Vietnamese food”. And tasty they rightly are — at least, from my personal experience with the beef noodle bowls and Banh Mi.


The post also listed a few places they did not enjoy — either because the food wasn’t that great, or it was too expensive. They were mostly franchises like Thai Express and Ajisen Ramen.

Finally, the best yogurt place — Sogurt. Singaporeans are probably familiar with this hip and cool yogurt shop. They apparently serve lots of other things as well, at their new flagship store, KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar.

Matcha mochi waffle with strawberry thyme Sogurt

Best wellness and leisure places

There’s nothing like a pampering massage to wind down after a tiring week.

For the Canadian family, Natureland Massage Therapy at East Coast, tops the list. The ambience is great, they serve tea, ask for your preferences in terms of massage pressure and hit all the right spots on a wearied body.


The best place to shop isn’t town, but People’s Park Food Centre. According to the family, there are lots of shops on the upper levels, with some items priced even lower than at Mustafa Centre.


For those with children, the family suggests Meomi Cat Cafe at North Bridge Road. Basically, a lounge for drinking coffee and playing with cats.


Added disclaimer that people may disagree

When it comes to food and leisure places, everyone has their own set of preferences. The family recognises this and suggests that those who disagree share their own favourite places in the comments.

Since the post went up, the comments have been very positive.

Other expatriates found the list useful.

And even when users disagreed with the choices, they did so politely and reasonably.

It’s certainly heartening to see foreigners appreciate the good things in our country.

The husband had apparently lost his job thrice in Singapore, but still chose to focus on what he enjoyed here rather than lambast the system. This is the attitude we ought to employ more.

MS News wishes the family all the best in Canada.

Featured image from Facebook & iPackTravel.

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