F1 Driver Lance Stroll Crashes During S’pore Qualifying Race, Climbs Out Of Wreckage Unscathed

F1 Driver Lance Stroll Crashes During Qualifying Race, Tells Race Engineer He’s Okay

As we watch the Formula 1 (F1) cars zooming around Singapore’s streets every year, sometimes it can be easy to forget how dangerous the sport is.

Due to the high speeds involved, a crash during an F1 race could result in serious injury or, worse still, death.

That’s why many hearts would’ve skipped a beat when they saw F1 driver Lance Stroll suffer a horrific crash during the Singapore Grand Prix Qualifying race.

Source: F1 on Instagram

Thankfully, he climbed out of the wreckage on his own, seemingly unhurt.

Lance Stroll crashes into barriers during F1 qualifying

Stroll, who races under Aston Martin, was racing in the first qualifying session of the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix on Saturday (16 Sep).

In the final moments of the race, he and other drivers were pushing hard to make it to the second qualifying session, according to the report by F1.

However, at the final turn, Stroll ran over the kerbs and lost control of his Aston Martin.

The car slammed into the barriers before bouncing back into the track.

Source: F1 on X

Car breaks into pieces & sends debris flying

The shocking scene would’ve caused concern to fans and teammates as Stroll’s Aston Martin broke into pieces.

Photos of the moment of impact show that it sent debris flying into the air and across the track.

Source: F1 on X

It also caused the car’s front-left wheel to come off and roll away.

Source: F1 on X

The crash also forced another driver to take evasive action and swerve to the left to prevent a collision.

Source: F1 on X

F1 driver Lance Stroll crashes but climbs out unaided

Understandably worried for his safety, Stroll’s race engineer quickly asked him whether he was okay.

Incredibly, he answered in the affirmative.

Source: F1 on X

Spectators were then treated to a reassuring sight — the Canadian driver climbing out of the wreckage unaided.

Source: F1 on Instagram

True to his name, he then strolled away from the scene, seemingly practically unhurt.

Source: F1 on Instagram

Stroll says crash was “really bad”

According to Aston Martin, Stroll underwent a precautionary check-up at the medical centre.

Happily, they gave him the all-clear to return to the team.

Speaking to the media later, he explained what happened.

Calling the crash “really bad”, he said,

We just had a very bad out-lap with traffic, no temperature in the tyres, I had just no grip out there the whole session. In the end, I saw we were going out, so I just pushed in the last corner and tried to make up some time but it didn’t work.

Stroll will start from last place during main race

The crash caused Stroll to finish last. That means he failed to make it to the second qualifying session, which is for the first 15 drivers.

Source: F1 on X

He will also have to start in 20th place for the main race on Sunday (17 Sep).

At the other end, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. will start in pole position after three qualifying sessions.

Source: F1 on X

On Sunday’s race, Stroll sounded a pensive note by saying he will see what he can do.

However, he added, “It’s tough to pass around here”.

Though, surviving a major crash unscathed might seem to his fans like a win in itself.

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