Mystery Lady On Facebook Will Tell Your Fortune For Free

Free Fortune-Telling By Facebook Lady

For the lot of you tired of generic newspaper horoscopes, here is possibly another way of getting a glimpse into your future — a Facebook Fortune Teller, who aptly calls herself Miss Fortune Teller.


We were a little skeptical, but nevertheless curious enough to pop into one of her Facebook live streams to have our ‘fortunes’ told.

Below are some questions we managed to have answered by the supposed online oracle.


Of love and career

We hopped onto the livestream on 20 Mar just after the veiled lady came onto screen. During her introduction, users were already piling their questions about love, life and mostly just love.

The themes for the day, lucky for the desperate lot, were love and career. We took turns asking a question each.

1. Will I be working in the tallest building in Singapore next time?

Miss Fortune Teller: There’s a high possibility that you will, as long as you keep reaching for the skies.


At first we didn’t know why our colleague wanted to ask this question. Then we figured, maybe it’s because she’s short. Miss Fortune Teller didn’t know that. Nonetheless, she gave kind words. Coincidentally, she ‘punned’ her answer and our colleague who asked the question happens to absolutely love puns.

2. On a scale of GST hikes to vouchers, how much will I like my next job?

Miss Fortune Teller: Passion is key when it comes to enjoying the daily grind. It is important to find something that sparks joy in you.


Okay, we were a little disappointed that she should’ve ignored that part about GST hikes. Not that it was particularly funny or anything. In any case, guess we know what Netflix series the lady has been binging on when she’s not trying to tell the future.

3. What are the odds that my next insurance agent becomes my wife?

Miss Fortune Teller: Money could buy you love but insurance agents don’t sell that sort of coverage. It’s about time you schedule for more dates than meetings with insurance agents.


This question came from our lovelorn colleague. He’s been single for the past — he doesn’t want to tell us. Fortune-telling lady is right though. Banking your hopes on that pretty insurance-selling lady at the bus interchange probably isn’t a good idea. Also, we chuckled when he got the tarot card “Insatiable Beast”. What are you hiding under the hood, pal?

4. Will I be living with my other single friends in a bachelor pad next time?

Miss Fortune Teller: Only time will tell. Love might be right around the corner — for your other single friends.


On the bright side, our colleague said, at least he gets the entire pad to himself. On the not so bright side, he lamented, the pad will be only the size of his current bedroom — with his parents as housemates. Not the most exciting prospects, but hey, free meals!

More bits of wisdom than fortunes

Miss Fortune Teller never quite lived up to expectations. But we don’t blame her. Find us one person who can tell the future with 100% accuracy, and we’ll give you $5.

The psychic did, however, leave us some bits of wisdom. And we suppose that’s the best anyone can get — little reminders to keep you in the right direction.


Get your own fortune told

You can catch the next session tomorrow (25 Mar). Miss Fortune Teller will be answering questions about money, kids and health — 3 things that you usually can’t have all at once.

On 28 Mar, there’ll be another – money, housing and career. So if you missed the first round of career crystal-balling, that’s your second chance to make sure you’re elbowing your way towards a happy retirement, not bankruptcy.

If you don’t like Mr Zuckerberg and his digital blue book, you can ask your questions on Telegram and pray for an answer from the online oracle.

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Featured image from Facebook.

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