Preservatives Used Not Declared On Food Packaging Labels, Says SFA

If you cook, you may want to know what exactly is inside the condiments you’re adding into your food.

That’s because too much of certain substances may harm your body.

Astonishingly, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has said that an excessive amount of preservatives were found in a range of condiments sold in Singapore.


They’ve thus ordered the recall of all the products involved.

Preservatives exceeded allowed levels

In a Facebook post on Saturday (6 Nov), SFA said the preservatives found in Feng He Garden products exceeded allowed levels.


These standards are prescribed in the Singapore Food Regulations.

However, SFA didn’t specify what these preservatives were, and how much were found in the products.

3 products flagged by SFA

3 products were flagged by the SFA, all of them from Malaysia:

1. Feng He Garden Moo-mite Sauce, 100g


2. Feng He Garden Gan Xiang Paste, 120g


3. Feng He Garden Salted Egg Yolk Paste, 120g


Preservatives not declared on labels

Additionally, the preservatives used in the products were not declared on the packaging labels, SFA said.

In a longer press release, the agency said the declaration of ingredients – e.g. preservatives – on food packaging labels is required under food regulations.

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Also, food products imported into Singapore or manufactured to be sold in the country can contain only certain permitted preservatives.

These ingredients can’t exceed the maximum levels that are specified.

Public advised not to consume them

SFA has warned the public against consuming the 3 products.

Their importers, Feng He Garden Pte Ltd, have been instructed to recall all of them, regardless of expiry date.

While the recall is ongoing, customers may contact the place where they bought them for enquires.

Better to be safe than sorry

Though it’s uncertain what exactly the preservatives of concern are, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

After all, too much of something just isn’t good for you – that’s why proper declaration on food packaging labels is important.

So if you or anybody you know has purchased these 3 products, please don’t use or consume them.

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Featured images adapted from SFA on Facebook.