This Laptop Docking Hub Saves You From Tangled Cables In Office After WFH Meetings

Flujo PowerEdge Is World’s First Monitor Stand & USB-C Docking Station In One Device

Hybrid Work-From-Home (WFH) & office arrangements involve being inseparable with our trusty laptops. Enter Flujo PowerEdge — the world’s first monitor stand & modular USB-C docking station rolled into one device.

The nifty gadget helps make ‘setting up shop’ in office less of a chore, thanks to countless cables that require connecting, before you can finally begin clearing client emails.

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You can now join that 9am Zoom meeting with your boss from home, scoot over to the office to set up for your client presentations, and still have time to spare for a morning cup of kopi-o siew dai.

A literal godsend for those of us who can’t tell our USB-Cs from our USB-X, Y, or Zs.

Here’s how you can finally bid goodbye to the dusty tangled cables behind your screens forever.

Organised cables = happy WFH life

So your typical WFH laptop set-up probably looks like this — a criss-crossed matrix of messy HDMI, USB & power cables, plus that twiddly thing to charge your phone or earbuds.

Image courtesy of Flujo

Now transplant that problem to your actual office workstation. Both your boss and your home’s CEO – aka mum – aren’t going to be very happy when the tangled mess collects dust over time.

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With Flujo PowerEdge’s modular USB-C hub, each cable can be lined up neatly via 10 essential ports for MacBook users.


The delicate touch of a single cable will be enough to clock in at your workstation with a dual screen set-up.

Image courtesy of Flujo

Loose cables hanging behind the back of your monitors and desk can even be tucked neatly in the cable management clip at the back.

flujo poweredgeImage courtesy of Flujo

Feeling motivated to design some kickass campaigns? You’ll have this decluttered workstation that’ll make Marie Kondo proud, to thank.

Plug & play from office to home workstations

Every second counts too when you’re rushing to save your work on your laptop, clock out & meet bae at Orchard for date night.

The modular grab-and-go design docking hub lets you literally pocket the device when you’re ready to pang gang at the end of a long day.


All you have to do is slide the hub off the monitor stand and you’ve got a 10-in-1 dongle ready to use on-the-go.

Image courtesy of Flujo

Or back at home where your trusty Nintendo Switch & Animal Crossing friends await.

Minimalist monitor stand for eye-level screens

Since the screen size of an average 13’’ laptop isn’t conducive for gaming – cough working – overtime, linking up with a monitor screen can be a matter of WFH survival.

flujo poweredgeImage courtesy of Flujo

But getting your laptop or monitor exactly at eye level is a pretty arduous task. Some of us just stack piles of books or stray cardboard boxes to serve the same purpose.

A stable, space-efficient stand like PowerEdge helps reduce clutter on your desk & literally elevates your screen so you can stare comfortably at it without straining your neck.

Free $39.90 foldable laptop stand for Flujo PowerEdge backers

Flujo’s PowerEdge is currently accepting backers on Kickstarter for a targeted December delivery date.

flujo poweredgeRetailing at S$189 in Dec launch
Image courtesy of Flujo

Helping the team hit their stretch goal of $30k will grant each patron a complimentary foldable laptop stand for MacBook Pro 13/15/16’’ with a pouch worth $39.90.


For more deets on how to support the team, head over to their page to pledge your support for the local start-up.

Living our best WFH & office lives

Most of us would agree that a healthy dose of ‘organised mess’ in our lives still lets us be functional & productive.

But we’re sure the people we live with will appreciate our attempts to declutter our workstations.

Technology is there precisely for that purpose. To connect us, to drive us and to always ensure we’re ready to adapt on-the-go.

TIL, we didn’t actually need a tangle of 10 different laptop cables to live our best WFH lives.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Flujo.

Featured image courtesy of Flujo.

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