Foodpanda Has A Flash Sale On 2 Sep With $3 KFC Twister Meals & 50% Off Burger King Mushroom Swiss Meals

$3 KFC Twister Meal & Mushroom Swiss Burger King Meals On Foodpanda

Foodpanda is definitely no stranger to those who prefer their food sent straight to their door step.

With Foodpanda‘s new deals, homebodies can now get their meal fix for cheap.

Form 2 Sep onward, Foodpanda will be offering:

  • $3 KFC’s Twister meal
  • 50% off West Grill Station’s Cajun Chicken & Cheese Fries
  • 50% off Burger King’s Double Mushroom Swiss meals

$3 off KFC Twister meal

KFC’s breakfast is one that most of us absolutely love indulging in to start our day on a good note.

But before you worry about having to travel down under the scorching sun to your nearest KFC outlet, Foodpanda’s new KFC deal is here to save you.

From 8am to 11am, you can get a KFC Twister Meal delivered to you for $2.95.

Sourcefoodpanda KFC discount

You can choose between an Original Recipe Twister wrap or American Twister wrap.

But no breakfast of champions is complete without a side of hashbrowns.

Fret not, as this KFC Twister meal includes a hashbrown and a cup of hot coffee.

50% off West Grill Station’s Cajun Chicken & Cheese Fries

For workaholics who prefer to work even during your lunch hour, Foodpanda‘s lunch deal can save you from a growling tummy, at your convenience.

You can now get 50% off Cajun Char-Grilled Chicken with Cheese Fries from West Grill Station.

west grill station foodpanda discount


This deal is available for orders from 12pm to 4pm so you can even choose to work first and eat later.

50% off Burger King Double Mushroom Swiss Meal

After an entire day of work, sometimes all we need is a quick dinner fix before we hit the sheets.

Now you can head straight home to unwind, while your food is being prepared and delivered to you.

This deal offers you 50% off Burger King’s Double Mushroom Swiss meal between 6pm to 10pm.

foodpanda burger king discount


This is perfect for those who prefer a fuss-free dinner option.

Whole day’s meal planned out for you

With the new Foodpanda deals timed perfectly to match your meal times, you can now hopefully save some time and money.

However, do note that as most of the meals offered are fast food, order everything in moderation, and remember to hydrate yourself after meals, to stay healthy and happy.


And in case you weren’t able to nab any of these deals, you can key in the code <SEPSAVINGS> for free delivery on Foodpanda for any order above $10 till the end of September.

Featured image adapted from Mid Valley and The Local Society.

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