M’sian Foodpanda Rider With A Degree Calls Himself A Food Distribution Engineer & Inspires Others Like Him

M’sian With Engineering Degree Renames Foodpanda Job To Fit His Certification

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about the Foodpanda riders who knock at our doors and give us food.

But these riders may have inspiring stories to tell, like Malaysian Amirul Syaqir, who delivers for Foodpanda full-time despite having a university degree.

His viral tweet renaming his job title to “Food Distribution Engineer” to fit his qualifications resonated with many online.

Earned a degree after 5 years & delivers for Foodpanda

Amirul shared his predicament as a university graduate struggling to find a job in a tweet on Sunday (25 Aug).

You can read the tweet here in Malay, which we’ll translate after the jump.


Accompanying the tweet with photos of himself as a student juxtaposed with what he’s doing now, Amirul explained:

I took 5 years to finish my Aircraft Engineering degree. All praise be to God, I now successfully hold the title of Food Distribution Engineer.

At least I still get to be an engineer, even if it’s in a slightly different field.

While we can sense a bit of sarcasm as he laments his situation, we certainly have to commend Amirul for trying to see it from a more positive perspective.

Inspires others to be more hopeful

As his tweet gained traction, Amirul’s optimism became infectious, as Malaysians doing blue-collar jobs chime in with unique twists to their job titles.

A man selling corn milk called himself a “Fluid Distributor Engineer”, while taking the chance to promote his business.


A Mechanical Engineering graduate working at Pandora echoed Amirul’s sentiment by labelling his position as “Jewelry Sales Engineer”.


No matter their position, Amirul’s lighthearted take on the struggles of finding the right job clearly inspired others who can relate to him to not lose hope.

Keep working hard & hope for the best

He expressed his appreciation for netizens who encourage him to keep going, while seeking their prayers that he would soon find a permanent job.


With all the good vibes pouring in, it’s no surprise that a job offer could be on the cards.

One netizen, seemingly a former acquaintance, replied with information about an engineering vacancy at his company, perfect for Amirul.

“My company has a vacancy for an engineer. You can try if you want to. I work at Spirit by the way.”

Amirul replied saying he’d consider the position, which is the happy ending we all hope for in such a heartwarming story like this.

We wish Amirul all the best, and hope that he finds the best job for himself.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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