Foodpanda Customer Drives To M’sia Pizza Hut To Check On Order, Finds Out It’s Closed

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Malaysia Foodpanda Customer Orders Food From ‘Closed’ Pizza Hut Outlet

In this day and age when convenient take-out culture is prominent, we’ve all probably experienced our fair share of disappointment with food delivery apps.

Recently, a foodpanda customer in Malaysia had to go through a frustrating ordeal on the delivery app. After noticing a system error, the customer tried to cancel his order multiple times but to no avail.

When the app’s customer service failed to help, the man took matters into his own hands and drove to the Pizza Hut outlet he ordered from.

Source: Google Maps

He then confirmed that the outlet was definitely closed.

Foodpanda customer service insistent food was being prepared even though app shows outlet was ‘closed’

On Tuesday (14 March), a Facebook user shared his experience with foodpanda on the KL娱乐站 group.

Source: Facebook

He recounted that he first ordered from the app at about 9.45pm.

However, after 30 minutes, the app continued to show that the food was still being prepared.

What made things even stranger was the fact that the outlet was apparently ‘closed’ on the app. The OP, however, did not show proof of this.

The man then reached out to foodpanda’s customer service to cancel the order and requested a refund.

Source: NordWood Themes on Unsplash for illustration purposes only.

In response, a customer service staff told the customer that his order was in the kitchen and was adamant that he will receive his food by 11pm.

Foodpanda customer goes to Pizza Hut outlet himself to show it’s closed

When he still did not receive his order at 11pm, the customer contacted foodpanda again.

Again, they told him to continue waiting, claiming the restaurant was still preparing his food.

At this point, the customer understandably grew frustrated and decided to order from McDonald’s.

30 minutes later, the man decided to contact customer service again after finishing his meal from the Golden Arches.

However, the man was again told that the meal was being prepared and that he would not get a refund if he chose to cancel.

Shortly past midnight, customer service told the customer that his food would be delivered by around 12.51am.

Source: Facebook

Fed up, he drove to the Pizza Hut outlet to personally check on his order.

As it was already past midnight when he arrived, the store was unsurprisingly closed. He even took a photo of the darkened store as evidence.

Source: Facebook

Following that, folks from the delivery company finally acquiesced and stated that “the restaurant might be closed for further orders”.

In the comments, the Facebook user shared that the app continued showing that his food was being prepared at 1.44am.

Unfortunately for him, it seems his pizza craving will have to wait for another day. Hopefully, both parties will be able to settle the situation amicably.

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