Customer Orders McDonald’s On Foodpanda, Tells Rider It’s Actually A Treat For Him

Foodpanda Customer Tells Rider To Rest & Fill His Stomach With McDonald’s Meal

Food delivery services like Foodpanda have brought customers a huge deal of convenience.

Yet, it’s only made possible by the people running the ground who often have to withstand nasty weather conditions, like sweltering heat and more recently, the haze.

On Sunday (15 Sep), a Foodpanda rider from Ipoh took to Twitter to share how a generous customer treated him to a McChicken meal.

Foodpanda customer treats food rider McChicken meal

On first glance, the receipt looks just like any other invoice you’d expect to get from a  McDonald’s order.

However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the customer had left a message, in Malay, addressed to the food rider.


Here’s what it reads in Malay, in case you have trouble reading the fine prints:

Bro dah makan belom, ni saya belanja, tak perlu hantar ke location saya, depat makanan rehat jap isi perut.

And here’s what the message means in English:

Bro have you eaten? I buy this for you. No need to send to my location. Take the food, rest a while and fill your stomach.

The customer apparently ordered a McChicken value meal, which comes with fries and a cup of iced lemon tea.

The meal costs S$5.23 (RM15.90). We image it must have been quite a pleasant surprise for the lucky food rider.


The Foodpanda rider did not reveal if he ended up eating the meal, but hopes that more customers would do the same for other food riders.

Twitter users share how they thanked food riders

Within the span of 3 days, the tweet garnered over 23,000 retweets and 21,000 likes. It also received a string of heartwarming comments.

One Twitter user shared a similar account on how she belanja-ed a food rider after getting “nagged for ordering fast food.”


Another Twitter user shared how he and his friend recently ordered an extra cup of bubble tea online and gave it to the food rider.


Hope this’ll inspire others to do the same

We’re extremely heartened and touched by the Foodpanda customer’s actions.

Perhaps this will inspire other customers, including those of us in Singapore, to thank food riders who often work long hours and having to brave the weather, which can be unbearable at times.

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Instagram

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