Four Star CNY Sale Has Mattresses From S$199, Give Your Room A Huat New Makeover

Four Star CNY Sale Has Mattresses From S$199, Give Your Room A Huat New Makeover

Four Star CNY Sale Happening At Ubi Outlet From 21 To 26 Dec

Shopping for new items during Chinese New Year (CNY) is a highly anticipated custom as it symbolises getting ready for a fresh start.

Furniture is no exception — nothing says ‘brand new beginning’ quite like coming home to revamped surroundings.

For those of you gearing up for a home makeover, it makes sense to begin with the room that you start and end your day in: the bedroom.

To usher in the upcoming Year of the Rabbit, Four Star is having its CNY Prosperity Half Price Sale from 21 to 26 Dec 2022.

Four Star CNY Sale

Image courtesy of Four Star

There, you’ll find over 5,000 items on sale, including mattresses, bed frames, pillows, bed sheets, and more.

Premium Four Star mattresses to help you recharge fully for CNY

A good night’s sleep starts with a good mattress, and with all the exciting yet tiring CNY activities, you’ll need lots of proper rest.

Thankfully, a variety of Four Star’s Premium Label mattress collections will be on sale, including the Detense ArcticSilk series.

Four Star CNY Sale

Image courtesy of Four Star

If your room tends to feel hot and stuffy but you don’t want to hike up the electricity bills with the aircon, these mattresses are the perfect solution as they are equipped with Advanze Aire Flex to give you a cooling night’s sleep every time.

This technology ensures that your bed always feels cool to the touch, and it disperses heat quickly to boot.

Having passed stringent tests by the Japanese Industrial Standard Committee, Detense ArcticSilk mattresses are also highly breathable and durable.

For office workers or WFH folk who spend long hours sitting, your posture may have been compromised, especially if you forget to stretch those legs every hour or so.

This calls for some serious back therapy, which you’ll get with Four Star’s Chiro+ mattresses.

Four Star CNY Sale

Image courtesy of Four Star

They are specifically designed to provide posture and spinal support with their firmness and durability. A night’s sleep on one of these will go a long way towards reducing pesky backaches and correcting your posture.

Another mattress series you’ll find at the sale is Tencel. This is catered to people with sensitive skin who usually lose sleep over rashes and hives from non-hypoallergenic materials.

Tencel mattresses circumvent such problems with a fabric of the same name that resists dust mites, bacteria, and allergens. As a bonus, it is environmentally friendly.

Four Star CNY Sale

Image courtesy of Four Star

The mattresses are also made with memory foam, which facilitates a deeper sleep by conforming to your body’s contours and reducing pressure.

Each collection’s mattresses are available in four different sizes at the following prices:

  • Single size mattress — from S$199 (U.P. from S$499)
  • Super Single size mattress — from S$299 (U.P. from S$599)
  • Queen size mattress — from S$399 (U.P. from S$899)
  • King size mattress — from S$499 (U.P. from S$999)

Bed frames to elevate your bed in more ways than one

A bed frame and mattress go together like mandarin oranges and angbaos. And just like a sour mandarin orange will dampen your CNY, so will a poorly made bed frame bring down your bed — literally and aesthetically.

The Four Star CNY Prosperity Half Price Sale will include all kinds of bed frames and storage beds to go with your new mattress.

Four Star CNY Sale

Image courtesy of Four Star

Despite being priced from a very affordable S$199, the bed frames are made to last as they have a headboard fitted onto divan bases, which are made using durable and sturdy wooden frames.

Since they come in a wide selection of designs, you’ll be able to find one that perfectly matches your bedroom’s aesthetic.

Four Star bed frame — from S$199 (U.P. from S$499)
Image courtesy of Four Star

They’re also highly customisable as you get to choose between synthetic leather or fabric upholstery, as well as wooden or metal legs.

Four Star CNY Sale

Image courtesy of Four Star

Space is a precious commodity, especially in Singapore. If you’re still scratching your head as to where to put necessary but lesser-used items even after spring cleaning, a storage bed frame might be the solution.

Four Star storage bed — from S$199 (U.P. from S$899)
Image courtesy of Four Star

Don’t worry about them being hard to open as they’re equipped with a German Hydraulic lift system so you can easily store things whenever you need.

As a plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Like Four Star’s other bed frames, you can also customise these by selecting either synthetic leather or fabric upholstery.

Wide variety of bedding & linen for the finishing touches

Once you’ve picked out your mattress and bed frame, the natural next step is to complete your room makeover with new pillows, bed sheets, and the like.

You’ll find that homegrown brand Epitex has all these and more, with prices starting from only S$10 at the Four Star CNY sale.

For bed sheets, there’ll be designs from the Bamboo and Tencel collections.

The Bamboo collection uses a hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant material, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Image courtesy of Four Star

The material is also durable and sustainable, so you’ll have sheets that feel like an investment without the hefty price tag.

Another alternative is the Tencel collection, which features anti-bacterial and anti-static bed sheets. On top of being hypoallergenic, every night’s sleep will be made more comfortable with the cooling, temperature-regulating fabric.

We hope you’ve got multiple alarms set for those early morning house visitations because you’re going to have even more trouble getting up from such a comfortable bed.

Apart from these, you’ll also find Epitex’s pillows and bolsters at the sale.

Source: Epitex

While you’re stocking up on luxurious bedroom supplies, grab some floor mats and bath towels too, so you can bring the experience into your bathroom.

Get all your purchases delivered in time for CNY for free

All mattresses bought at the sale come with 15 years’ warranty, so when you snooze, it’ll be with a true peace of mind.

For greater ease, you can arrange for purchases to be shipped directly to your front door for free, with delivery before CNY guaranteed.

As joyous as the festive season may be, it can also be burdensome on the wallet — especially if you’ve got lots of angbaos to dish out. This is why you can opt for a 0% instalment plan on your items.

To add a touch of prosperity to your pre-CNY shopping, Four Star is offering these free gifts at the sale:

  • CNY red packets with any purchase
  • Four Star Tencel memory foam pillows with a minimum purchase of S$2,000
  • Novita air purifier with a minimum purchase of S$4,000
  • Philips multicooker with a minimum purchase of S$5,000

Image courtesy of Four Star

When you visit the sale, you’ll find not only savings on bedding and linen, but on the logistics as well.

Upon checkout, shoppers who drive there can enjoy free parking, while those who get there via any ride-hailing service can have their fare reimbursed via a deduction from their final receipt with a minimum spend of S$1,000.

Here’s a guide to help you get there without a hitch:

Image courtesy of Four Star

And here’s everything else you need to know about the sale:

Four Star CNY Prosperity Half Price Sale

Address: Level 1, Wintech Centre, 6 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408726
Dates: 21-26 Dec
Opening hours: 10.30am-9pm daily
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar & Eunos Stations

For more information, head over to Four Star’s website and follow them on Facebook to get all the latest updates.

Sleep your way to a more huat New Year

Seeing as cross-border and international travel have mostly gone back to normal, there will surely be bigger reunions in 2023.

With that on the horizon, it’s more vital than ever to have sufficient shut-eye to make sure you can fully enjoy every moment.

With the advent of a new year, let us all commit to making rest and quality sleep a priority this 2023.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Four Star.

Featured image courtesy of Four Star.

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