NTU Grad Gives Free ‘O’ Levels Notes To Students, Makes Mugging A Lot Easier

Project Overmugged Lets Students Download ‘O’ Levels Science Notes For Free

Anyone who has been through Singapore’s education system knows it’s no walk in the park.

Especially during years with national exams, the process can be gruelling and demanding on students.

One Singaporean aims to help alleviate some of these stresses by providing free Chemistry and Physics notes for ‘O’ Level students.

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The NTU graduate and private tutor decided to start project Overmugged to lend a helping hand to students in Singapore.

Started Project Overmugged to help ‘O’ Level students

Darrel started Project Overmugged after being a private tutor for 7 years, ever since he completed Junior College.

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With all his experience, he wanted to put his knowledge to good use and help students going through ‘O’ Levels.

He expressed on the project’s Instagram page that he also enjoyed mentoring and helping youth after experiencing firsthand just how challenging our education system can be.

His passion drove him to provide resources such as notes, mind maps, and mock papers for ‘O’ Level students taking Chemistry and Physics.

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Not only that, he also regularly gives tips like how to revise content or exam strategies on the Overmugged website.

Provides free ‘O’ Levels notes for students

What makes Project Overmugged special is that Darrel provides all the resources for free. Simply download it from the website.

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His only request is that students help grow the community by sharing about the project with their friends.

If what you’re looking for isn’t in his resource list, you can request for notes via Telegram channel @overmugged.

Makes curated notes & has crash courses

Besides giving out free notes, Darrel also sells curated ‘O’ Level notes for Chemistry, Physics and Combined Sciences.

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Although these cost between $35 to $60, he also occasionally holds giveaways for these curated notes.

Not only that, the seasoned tutor also holds 3-hour intensive crash courses, where he breaks down key concepts and chapters for students.

Free 'O' Levels NotesSource

Depending on your needs, you can choose from:

  • Combined Science — Chemistry & Physics
  • Pure Chemistry
  • Pure Physics

The curated notes are also included in part of the $150 fees for the crash course.

You can sign up for a session at Khatib Vale here, kept to a maximum of 5 people in a group.

Kudos to Darrel for his hard work & generosity

Kudos to Darrel for his generosity in helping ‘O’ Levels students in such a stressful time.

The amount of hard work he puts in truly shows his passion for teaching and mentoring the next generation.

You can find out more about Darrel’s Overmugged project here.

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