7 Public Figures Blessed With Incredibly Good-Looking Children In Singapore

Incredibly Good-Looking Children Of Public Figures In Singapore

Aside from their various talents, most celebrities and public figures are also blessed with incredibly good looks.

Some of their children are turning heads by stepping out of their parents’ shadows and making a name for themselves.

Here are 7 extra good-looking children of public figures that top our list at MustShareNews.

1. Kim Lim

You’ve definitely heard of the world-famous Singaporean billionaire, Peter Lim. The 65-year-old owner of Spanish football club Valencia, is estimated to have a whopping net worth of 2.2 billion USD.

Turns out, he’s not only a savvy businessman, but also a dedicated father to the gorgeous Kim Lim.


The 25-year-old is hugely popular, with 185,000 followers on her Instagram page. She does regular photoshoots for advertising and is the envy of many, for her luxurious jet-setting lifestyle.

Most recently, she made local headlines for abruptly giving birth to a baby boy. Check out our coverage on the media frenzy that ensued when Cristiano Ronaldo visited her to extend his congratulations.

It seems like she’ll be tying the knot soon, so be sure to save the date for March 23rd when all our burning questions will hopefully be answered.

😉 stay tuned 🙏🏻❤ #blessed

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2. Natalie Balakrishnan

The daughter of our esteemed Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Vivien Balakrishnan, Natalie, is taking Singapore by storm with her good looks.


Beautiful Natalie is now a mother to an adorable one-year-old, though she continues to steal the hearts of many Singaporean youngsters.


3. Chee An Lyn

During the 2015 General Elections, one of the more heartwarming videos that rose to local fame, was the video that provided insight into the lives of politician Chee Soon Juan’s family.

Apart from being a filial daughter, Mr Chee’s eldest daughter Chee An Lyn, caught the eye of many Singaporeans for her good looks.


Incredibly talented to boot, here she is showing off her mad musical skills on the acoustic guitar.

4. Irfan Fandi and Ikhsan Fandi

Fandi Ahmad is a household name among Singaporeans, and is loved by all for his remarkable football skills. While we do not have the privilege of seeing him in action any more, his sons have certainly been doing their part to fill the void.


Ahmad’s older boys, Irfan and Ikhsan, have amassed their own group of fans who are in love with their handsome features.


5. Ethel Neo

One cannot talk about the local film industry without the name Jack Neo, popping up. Mr Neo has achieved immense success from his filmmaking, and is also known for whole other reason — having a gorgeous daughter.


Don’t get your hopes up though — she got married in 2016.


6. Cheryl Wee

Almost every Singaporean has heard of the popular hairdressing franchise, Jean Yip. However, a lesser-known fact is that the CEO of the company is actually the mother of popular actress Cheryl Wee.


The 28-year old acted in popular local series Mata Mata and has famously spoken of plans to help her mother out in her business.

We don’t know if she inherited her mother’s knack for entrepreneurship, but she definitely looks stunning.


7. Khaw Chun Ting

Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan may not be seen as the best at handling the transport scene in Singapore, but he definitely can’t be faulted for his genes.

Minister Khaw’s daughter Chun Ting, has catapulted into the public’s eye for her astonishing good looks.


She’s not only pretty, but also really accomplished too! There’s way more than meets the eye for this beauty with brains — at least 10 other interesting things about her to be exact.

We hate to break it to you, but she’s already gotten hitched to her Indonesian beau back in 2016.


Good Looking Children

Regardless of whether these public figures’ children are good-looking, it remains to be seen if they’ll go on to match the level of success that their parents have attained.

We hope that they manage to put their good looks and financial stability to good use, and are able to play a part in our nation’s progress. 

If we have missed any other kids of public figures worth stalking on Instagram, do let us know in the comments.

Featured image from YouTube and Natalie Balakrishnan.

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