S’poreans To Submit Selfie For Grab App In Malaysia

Singaporeans who travel around in Malaysia using Grab, take note.

By 12 Jul, you’ll need to submit a selfie for a one-time verification in order to use the Grab app in Malaysia.


Measure to take effect by 12 Jul

In Malaysia, all Grab users will be required to submit selfies to open their accounts. The new rule will take effect by 12 Jul and is applicable to Singaporeans using the service in Malaysia as well.

Grab Malaysia assured users that the selfies will solely be for one-time verification of their accounts.


S’pore accounts created from Feb 2019 also needed selfies

In Singapore, new Grab users who registered from Feb 2019 also required selfies to be taken.

In contrast, those who applied for their accounts before Feb 2019 did not need to do so as their credit card information or Facebook account were used instead for identification.

Say cheese before Grab-ing

So don’t be shy the next time you’re asked to take a selfie before booking your Grab in Malaysia.

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Featured image from HardwareZone.