GrabFood Rider Loses 126kg In 1 Year After Cycling & Sticking To Keto Diet Almost Daily

Cycling & Keto Diet Help GrabFood Rider Go From 200kg To 74kg In 1 Year

Getting on a diet and exercise regimen and sticking to it isn’t easy, but one GrabFood rider is proving that sheer determination can do wonders.

Going from 200kg to 74kg in just 1 year, Riz attributes a large part of his weight loss to cycling, which is part of his work routine.


He also credits the amazing transformation to the strict keto diet he adheres to almost every day.

Almost bedridden at 200kg

Growing up, Riz had always been on the bigger side, often getting picked on for his weight.

Over the years, he started to rely on eating as a coping mechanism.

At his heaviest, he reached 200kg and was almost bedridden.

Image courtesy of Riz Fox

Speaking to MS News, Riz shared that it got to a point where basic tasks like walking, standing, and showering became taxing.

He would have to lie down to simply catch his breath.

Cycling helps GrabFood rider lose weight after hitting 200kg

That’s when Riz began on his weight loss journey, about 4 years ago.

He started cycling around his neighbourhood and at Bedok Reservoir Park. However, it soon became boring.

Image courtesy of Riz Fox

So he decided to sign up to be a food delivery rider with UberEats and Deliveroo, which allowed him to ride to new places while helping him lose weight.

Later, he continued being a delivery rider with GrabFood.

He works 5 days a week for 6 to 7 hours, capitalising on the lunch and dinner peak periods.

Image courtesy of Riz Fox

Working as a food delivery rider, Riz covers an average distance of about 70km on his bicycle in a day.

Makes keto diet his lifestyle

Riz knew that exercise alone was not enough to lose weight. After all, he said, “You can’t outrun a bad diet”.

So at the same time in 2017, he put himself on a ketogenic diet, also known as keto diet, which is a low carbohydrates, high fat diet.

rider 200kg cycling Image courtesy of Riz Fox

Riz’s dedication even led him to prepare delicious yet healthy meals for himself.

rider 200kg cycling Image courtesy of Riz Fox

Since then, he’s been on the diet, making it part of his lifestyle rather than just a passing phase.

Riz stressed that it’s a misconception that exercising is enough to shed weight, stating that a change in diet is “absolutely necessary”.

Loses 126kg in a year

Riz’s active lifestyle and diet helped him to lose a whopping 126kg within a year.

Now weighing 74kg, Riz is progressing in his fitness journey, largely trying to maintain his weight and build more muscle.

rider 200kg cycling Image courtesy of Riz Fox

Besides cycling as a GrabFood rider, he also does resistance and weight trainings at the gym now, in hopes of doing a cycling trip across the world.

rider 200kg cycling Image courtesy of Riz Fox

An inspirational weight loss & fitness journey

Kudos to Riz for his continued commitment to his weight loss and fitness journey.

His success story is truly an inspiration to many.

We wish him all the best as he continues training for his round-the-world bike trip.

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Featured image courtesy of Riz Fox.

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