Baker Creates Gudetama Chiffon Cakes With Egg Cases, They’ll Crack Your Guests Up Over Easter

Easter may evoke memories of fun egg hunts in the great outdoors. However, introverts who want to laze around and stay at home could celebrate the occasion by baking these smol treats.

Online baker Yunmi Chan has shared her recipe for Gudetama chiffon cakes egg-cellently stored in tiny eggshells.

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Surprise your guests with a carton of these desserts and we bet you’ll crack ‘em up.

Gudetama chiffon cakes

The melancholic egg yolk is one of the most relatable Sanrio characters that we’ve all come to love. Yet, for the upcoming Easter Sunday, you could opt to bake the raw egg yolk and turn it into a fluffy chiffon cake instead.

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Place it inside an eggshell and you’ll end up with a batch of cute Gudetamas that closely resembles a batch of newly hatched chicks.

Just like a newborn, they seem to be mesmerised by the world outside their shell.

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Even if they’re yummy, we think your guests will let out a collective “aww” and resist eating them for as long as possible.


This gives you time to remind them to take some of the ‘gram before they disappear for good.

Baker shares recipe for chiffon cakes

All good things require effort, and the same goes for these chiffon cakes.

To create them yourself, begin by gently tapping the top of the egg to make a crack and preserve the shell. Then, separate the egg white from the egg protein.

In a bowl, combine 3 egg yolks, 25g of vegetable oil, and 30g of milk and mix it well. Next, sift in 45g of low-gluten flour and mix it once again.


In a separate bowl, merge 3 egg whites and lemon juice then beat it until bubbles form. Afterward, add 2g of sugar and continue to whip.

Stir until soft peaks form. Once you’re satisfied with the mixture, take 1/3 cup of egg white batter and mix it well. Pour the batter into the remaining egg white batter and stir.

As for the eggshell, soak it in warm water for 20 minutes, remove the inner membrane, and wash the eggshell.


Finally, pour the batter inside the eggshell and bake at 50°C for 25 minutes.

Eggs-quisite to crack your guests up

This eggs-quisite dessert adds a fun twist to your Easter Sunday gatherings.

Serve a batch inside an egg carton and watch your guests’ expressions change upon seeing the chick-like chiffon cakes for the first time.

Besides Gudetama chiffon cakes, baker Yunmi Chan – Instagram handle @chanyunmi – also creates puddings, pancakes, and tarts. Do follow her account for dessert inspiration.

Are you planning to bake these concoctions soon? Let us know in the comments.

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