McDonald’s Sanrio Happy Meal Toys In Singapore From 11 Jun Onwards

A kid cannot complete a trip to McDonald’s without a good old hotcake and a Happy Meal toy.

The fast food chain recently released a Sanrio Happy Meal collection, available in Singapore for delivery and takeaway purchases.


The previews are getting much hype among kids and adults alike as it features iconic characters like My Melody and Little Twin Stars.

Fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) can also look forward to character figurines released alongside the Sanrio collection.

Sanrio Happy Meal toys come to Singapore

Since Thursday (11 Jun), customers who purchase a Happy Meal set can expect to find a Sanrio figurine in their red takeaway bag.


While the nation’s favourite Hello Kitty is not part of this collection, popular characters like My Melody and Little Twin Stars are making their appearance.

There are 4 designs in total and they will be released periodically from 11 Jun-8 Jul.


Each Happy Meal toy has own unique theme

As you can see in the images, the toys are adorned with sweet pastel colours, a distinctive trait of Sanrio merchandise.


However, each toy has its own special characteristic, and we think it makes the delivery fees worth it.

For example, My Melody toys depict the lovable rabbit in a ‘Princess Carriage’ and a ‘Garden Party’, donning different outfits.


On the other hand, the Little Twin Stars design spots Lala and Kiki in their pink and yellow castles respectively.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merch also available

Well, if Sanrio is not for you, you can check out McDonald’s’ Ninja Turtles Happy Meal selection.


This alternative option is suited for those who grew up watching the 4 ninjas combat their enemies on TV.

Certainly, these nostalgic action figurines might bring back some childhood memories for avid fans of the series.

Takeaway your Happy Meal

While we cannot dine in at our neighbourhood McDonald’s until Phase 2, takeaway and delivery options are luckily restored with extended opening hours now too.

These toys are free with the purchase of any Happy Meal and you can order it here.

After all, fries and McNuggets were always better with the company of a Happy Meal toy.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.