Hady Mirza, Singapore Idol Turned Grab Driver, Was Arrested For Suspected Drug Offences

During his heyday, Hady Mirza captured the hearts of many Singaporeans through his smooth R&B voice and charming personality.

But the winner of Singapore Idol and Asian Idol has been experiencing a dramatic turn of events.

Most recently, the 38-year-old was arrested for suspected drug offences and was seen in Changi Prison Complex last month.

Details regarding his arrest remain unclear, but other local newspapers’ attempts to contact him have proven unsuccessful.

Here’s a compilation of misfortunes that have befallen Hady since his rise to stardom.

1. Banned from condo facilities

In 2010, Hady and his family were banned from using their condo’s facilities for six months after making a mess during his niece’s birthday party.

The condo’s management reportedly found paper plates and uneaten food in the swimming pool and their toilets damaged and choked.

Cleaners reportedly took six hours to clear up the mess.

2. Kicked out as director from organisation he co-founded

Hady went on to co-found FRHM Youth in 2013, an organisation aimed at promoting Muslim education among youth.


However, just a year later in 2014, Hady was reportedly struck off as the director of the company.

3. Tempting tempe business’ license cancelled

Besides working with youths, Hady also started his own home-based business in 2016, named Tempting Trading.


The company specialised in chilli tempe – spicy fermented soybean snacks with ikan bilis – based on a secret recipe from his late grandmother.

However, Tempting Trading’s business license has since been cancelled, after they failed to renew the license in May this year.

4. Revealed as a five-star Grab driver

Late last year, a netizen created waves on social media after he uploaded a screengrab of Hady’s Grab driver profile.


According to the screengrab, Hady was driving a Toyota Wish and had an immaculate 5-star rating.

The screengrab also revealed his real name, “Muhammad Mirzahady Amin”.

We’re not sure how the venture went, but he has since faced an arrest, we can only confirm that he’s probably not driving anymore.

5. Suspected drug offender

Hady Mirza made the headlines again after he was “arrested for suspected drug offences“.

He was reportedly seen in Changi Prison Complex in Jun 2018, but further probing drew a blank as to why or how he ended up there.

Meanwhile, we will update this thread as more details roll in.

Please turn over a new leaf

Idol or not, let’s all hope Hady pulls through these tough times ASAP and returns to his normal life.

We’re all rooting for you, just like we did 11 years ago.

Featured image from Wahid Photo on Facebook.