Han Hui Hui Delivers Baby; Inadvertently Supports PAP’s Childbirth Campaign

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Activist Han Hui Hui Gives Birth To Baby In KK Hospital

From healthcare to housing and even human right issues, Han Hui Hui has been a vocal critic of the Singapore government.

Yet on 16 Jun, Ms Han inadvertently supported the Singapore government’s childbearing campaign by giving birth to her own child.

Ms Han made the revelation on Facebook on Wednesday (12 Jun) via a short clip, and shared a lengthy post about her delivery on Sunday (16 Jun). Here it is in full:


Han Hui Hui gave birth at KK Hospital

According to her post, Ms Han gave birth to her baby at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KK Hospital) on an undisclosed date.

Ms Han did not mention the name and gender of her newborn, but shared that the baby weighed 0.5kg above the weight estimated by doctors.


One possible reason behind her child’s weight is the fact that Ms Han’s delivery was ‘behind schedule’. She was originally due earlier in May, meaning that she delivered a month late.


Delivery process lasted just 1 hour

Ms Han also took the opportunity to share about her delivery process.

She claimed that she went through the entire birth process without the presence of a doctor as there allegedly weren’t any available at the hospital then.

She gave birth in a delivery ward with the help and supervision of a single nurse.

Ms Han also claimed that she went through the delivery without any painkillers. When she asked for laughing gas, the nurse allegedly warned her it may cause her to become unconscious, and ended up not administering the drug.

She thus had to endure the entire process – which lasted less than an hour – without any painkillers.

She hopes to recover soon to – what’s new – attend an event at Hong Lim Park.

Revealed she was pregnant last December

Ms Han first announced that she was 5-months pregnant last December via a Facebook live video.


One day before that, Ms Han uploaded a cryptic picture of herself holding an ultrasound image of a baby against her abdomen.


Hope her baby grows up healthy

Jokes aside, congratulations to Ms Han for her smooth delivery.

We hope that she will recover quickly and continue to lead her pack at her favourite park at Chinatown. Wishes go out too to her newborn, to be healthy enough to carry his/her mother’s political flag and take her place at Hong Lim Park.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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