KK Hospital Allegedly Dispensed Expired Medication To A Baby

Nasal Spray Issued By KK Hospital Found To Be Expired

A concerned mother has alleged that KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) dispensed expired medication to her baby.

She took to Facebook on Monday (1 Oct) to relate her experience.

According to her post, her baby was barely one month old when KKH prescribed the nasal medication.

Medication showed no effects

She had been administering the nasal spray for a month but her baby showed no signs of recovery.

This prompted her to check the packaging, only to find that the nasal spray had expired in April 2018. KKH had issued the nasal spray on 25 August.

You can read her post in full here.

KKH has reportedly contacted her to take her baby to the clinic for a checkup the next day.

Not the first medication mishap

This is not the first time that KKH has made an error in dispensing medication to its patients this year.

The most recent mishap was in April, when the hospital issued wrong medication to a young girl upon her discharge.

The medication she received had already been opened and used by another patient.


In this case however, KKH reached out to the mother first to notify her of the error which she wouldn’t have noticed at first glance.

Reminder to be more cautious before taking medications

Since this is the second time such an accident has occurred within a span of a few months, the public is reminded to be more wary when taking medications.

Even with hospital prescriptions, it’s best to examine the details in fine print closely before consumption or administration.

Patients should look for details like expiry dates or signs that the packaging has been tampered with.

We hope that the baby is doing well and that such incidents will not occur again.

Featured image from Facebook.

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