KFC China Has Hello Kitty Chicken Bucket & Trains For Festive Sanrio Fans

KFC China Has Hello Kitty Fried Chicken Bucket & My Melody Trains For The Holiday Season

Tis’ the season for finding festive gifts for loved ones. If they’re Sanrio fans who went gaga over the My Melody bucket and Happy Meal Sanrio toys, then we’ve got an awesome find for you.

KFC China has launched a Hello Kitty Chicken bucket and train set for the festive season. Available on Taobao and Shopee Singapore, you can easily get these shipped to your doorstep.

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Here’s a look at the adorable merchandise that will bring the Christmas spirit into your home.

Hello Kitty chicken bucket design reminds you of white winters

The Hello Kitty chicken bucket features the iconic character with a golden bow slumped over a polka-dotted bowtie with a letter “K” at the bottom—representing KFC.

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True to its theme, the bucket is pink but the top is covered with a white decor akin to a chunk of snow. Though we’ll never experience winter in sunny Singapore, at least Hello Kitty can help us imagine.

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The bucket has a removable and modifiable handle. That means you can easily carry items in whatever way that is most convenient for you.

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Sanrio’s Christmas-themed train toys

Sanrio also launched 3 train-themed toys which look like the Sanrio version of Christmas.


For example, this version features My Melody as a train while Hello Kitty rides the vehicle like an adorable reindeer.


Meanwhile, this seesaw toy features the pair having fun on a train with a Christmas tree. Like most of us, they want to spend the holidays catching up with fam and friends.


Singaporeans who love fun and games will love this slot machine trail toy. Just push the candy cane and the three reels will spin with various images.


Best of all, the three toys can be connected together to form a single train.


Available from Shopee Singapore and Taobao

The Hello Kitty toys are available from Shopee Singapore for $31.50. Head to the site to find out the cost of each individual item or the whole set to bring more holiday cheer into your home.


You can also check out Taobao to get these shipped from China.

Hello Kitty toys for Christmas

Hello Kitty toys are an absolute must-have for Sanrio fans, especially during the holiday season.

We imagine your loved ones’ faces will light up upon seeing these for the first time and they will surely impress guests when they come over.

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Featured image adapted from Weibo and Foody Taiwan

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