S’pore Helper Allegedly Flees After Borrowing Money From Loan Shark, Employers Tell Others To Be Careful

Helper In Singapore Allegedly Borrow Money From & Fails To Repay Loan Shark

A helper in Singapore allegedly borrowed money from a loan shark, failing to pay them back before returning to her home country.

The loan shark then contacted the helper’s employers, demanding the loan be settled.

The employers have now filed a police report and taken to Facebook to warn others so that they are aware of similar situations.

Helper asks for advance payment

Taking to Facebook on 22 Apr, the OP, one of the helper’s employers, shared more details of the harrowing incident.

She said the helper began her service with her family on 5 Jul 2022.

Nearly a year later, on 15 Apr, she requested an advanced payment even after having just received her salary on 4 Apr, explaining that her father had become ill back in Indonesia.

“She seemed very anxious and kept asking for updates if she could get the advanced pay,” the OP explained. “We agreed and gave her S$400 first out of empathy… she [had] been requesting advance salary quite often.”

Four days later, on 19 Apr, the helper approached her employers again, stating that her father had asked her to return to Indonesia. As such, she would need to return by 21 Apr at the latest.

Shocked, her employers contacted the helper’s agent. After a bit of back-and-forth, it was determined that the helper would be unable to go home due to her contract with the agency.

However, her employers sympathised with her situation and decided to comply with her request.

Source: Facebook

The employers then immediately dissolved her employment contract and did not demand the rest of her advance payment.

“[We] even gave her an ang bao out of goodwill,” the OP said.

On 20 Apr, the helper returned to her home country via ferry.

Source: Facebook

However, the family soon realised why she had to return so urgently.

Helper allegedly borrowed money from loan shark

On 22 Apr, the OP’s brother received a text on Whatsapp from an unknown number.

Source: Facebook

Claiming to be a loan shark, the Whatsapp user sent over the helper’s particulars, asking if she was their helper.

When they confirmed this, the user alleged that the helper had taken a loan from them and had failed to pay it back. They also sent a picture of the OP’s front doorstep.

Source: Facebook

In response, the OP contacted the helper’s agent. Unfortunately, as her work permit had already been revoked, there was nothing they could do.

Eventually, the OP filed a police report.

She added that her main concern was whether her helper had also been in contact with other loan sharks. Due to her situation of not being home 24/7 with elderly parents, one of them still hospitalised, this made dealing with such struggles difficult.

“If you have a helper at home, please check with them if they’re facing any financial issues,” the OP urged, “So you don’t have to deal with what we have to deal with.”

MS News has reached out to the OP for more information on the matter.

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