Helpling Cleaning Services Has 50% Off So You Can Clean & Disinfect Your Home To Keep It Virus-Free

Professional Cleaning Experts At Helpling Can Clean & Disinfect Your Home To Give You Peace Of Mind

Amidst the current coronavirus outbreak, the need for personal hygiene is stronger than ever.

Even if our homes seem safe, viruses could be lurking, especially after Chinese New Year visits.


But many of us are working and what’s more, we don’t really have the time or energy to spare to disinfect our homes after a long day at work.

Calling in a professional would arguably make more sense, as they’d be trained to clean a house effectively and with long-lasting results.

Luckily, there’s a service that’ll help get rid of these pesky viruses – and Helpling is just a click away.

Homes aren’t necessarily clean, especially during CNY

This year’s Chinese New Year season fell right in the midst of the Wuhan virus outbreak – as a result, high volumes of people visited houses during bai nian.

Hence, the risk of someone possibly bringing a virus in unknowingly is that much higher.

Although most families have the tools required to clean their homes, they may lack the know-how needed for an effective cleaning and disinfection.

But help is on the way, for Helpling are offering 50% off for their Standard Cleaning Package, which includes surface disinfection.

Their packages are tailored according to frequency and how much time is needed to clean and disinfect your house.


Starting from just $43 (U.P. $86) for a one-off cleaning at a flat the size of a studio, you won’t have to break the bank for a virus-free home.

That said, there may be less slots available due to higher demand in recent times, so do take that into account when booking.

Helpling professionals have years of experience in cleaning & disinfecting

Disinfecting an area isn’t all just spraying and scrubbing – Helpling’s cleaning experts are equipped with the right skills and know-how to ensure that your house is thoroughly cleaned and germ-free.


The Standard Cleaning Package includes surface disinfection, meaning every inch is covered and that 99.9% of germs will be killed.

If nothing else, this is the biggest guarantee that a house is virus-free.

The disinfectant is child-and-pet friendly and even odourless, so you won’t have to worry about your home smelling like a hospital. Unless of course you prefer to use your own!

Professionals are experienced & take preventive measures before entering homes

Those concerned about the risk exposure of the service providers can rest assured as all of them will take the necessary safety precautions before they take a step into your home.


Helpling ensures that no active service provider has visited mainland China in the past 3 months, and adheres to safety advisories by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and National Environment Agency (NEA).

Most importantly, they’ll be fitted with face masks and gloves at all times to ensure the safety of everyone.

If you’re concerned over whether you should offer your cleaning expert a drink or something, Helpling will play the Uno Reverse card and they will give new customers free masks to tide through these panic-filled times.

All you have to do is message Helpling on WhatsApp and if you’re a new member, they’ll stock your home with 5 masks!

In a time when the value of face masks is obscenely high, who wouldn’t want free ones?

Moving in & out cleaning services also available

Maybe you’re in the market for some other type of house cleaning. Of course, Helpling primarily provides cleaning services, and they’re just a simple booking away.

Enter your postcode and Helpling will pair you with a cleaner around the area.

From housekeeping to post-renovation cleaning for your hard-earned spanking new BTO flat, to even the dreaded move out sweeping up – someone’s gotta do it – Helpling offers a myriad of options to meet the modern homeowner’s needs.

AC hasn’t been cleaned in a while? Helpling can hook you up with an air-con cleaner as well!

Cleaning & disinfection services to safeguard your home from viruses

Helpling is a German-based start-up founded in Singapore in 2015 that connects top-rated home service professionals with customers. Think of it as Grab or Airbnb but for cleaning services.


Helpling professionals undergo rigorous aptitude tests and many of them are actually younger than you’d expect, but don’t let their youthful appearances fool you – they’re trained to do a thorough job.

The coronavirus outbreak has gotten many panicked, but Helpling wants to put you at ease – even your toilet rolls and instant noodle packets will be virus-free by the time they’re done with their cleaning.

You can redeem your 50% discount and get started on your booking with them right here.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Helpling.

Featured image adapted from Helpling.

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