HOOGA Has Comfy Pillows & Bedsheets From $17, Lay On Fresh Linen This CNY

HOOGA Bedding Accessories On Sale For Chinese New Year 2022

A significant part of Chinese New Year is spring cleaning before the festivities to chase away any bad luck from the previous year and start anew.

Besides decluttering, some of us may also want to replace our worn-out blankets and bedsheets.

Thanks to HOOGA‘s latest deals, you won’t have to search high and low for the right bedding accessories to guarantee a good rest for the year.

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Your family will appreciate you for helping them start off their new year with maximum comfort.

Clean bed linens for undisturbed sleep

Amidst current pandemic conditions, hygiene has become of utmost importance, and simply getting any new bed sheet may not cut it anymore.

To ensure that your sheets can stay clean longer, investing in the HOOGA Quilt Cover Set Ralphson Gereon may be a good idea.

Quilt Cover Set Ralphson Gereon in Lobster Bisque (Queen) – $95.20 (U.P. $99)
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Made of cotton sateen and weaved at an admirable quality, the bed linen boasts an elegant sheen, breathability, and good durability.

This quilt cover set, along with other Bed Linen, will be on sale at 20% off both in-store and online from 4 Jan 2022.

Now you can rest easy without having to worry about microbes jeopardising your health.

Comfy cushions for relaxing breaks

While a comfy bed is no doubt inviting, you might want a simple cushion instead for short breaks, and the ultrasoft Duncon Cushion offers just that.

Duncon Cushion – $12.90
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Lean back and sink into the heavenly soft pillow with a fantasy book and a piping hot cup of cocoa to wind down after a long day at work.

Bath towels for practical gift ideas

Rest and relaxation may be rewarding for you, but when it comes to gifting others, something more practical would work better.

Whether it’s a thoughtful gesture for mum and dad or a little token for your colleagues, these Bath Towels Chloe Frappe from HOOGA will be gifts they’ll thank you for.

Bath Towels Chloe Frappe – $16.90 (U.P. $27.80, Limited time offer)
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Not only will they have clean homes for CNY, but they’ll also have fresh towels to use when they’re getting ready for the festivities.

Blankets for post-celebration snuggles

CNY celebrations, while a joyous affair, can be tiring. Nothing cures the exhaustion better than a warm snuggle, wrapped in HOOGA‘s Nat Blanket.

Nat Blanket – $19.90
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With the blankets at a steal, you can get one for yourself so you won’t have to worry about bae or your siblings hogging it.

Natural cotton pillows for a good night’s rest

To add to the cosiness, the HOOGA Klein Ceiba Comfort Cotton Pillow will ensure that your head and neck will get the support they need.

Made of natural cotton, the soft and lofty pillow conforms to your sleeping positions for superior comfort and support. The purity of the material also offers allergy protection, making it a hygienic choice for you to sleep in absolute bliss.

Klein Ceiba Comfort Cotton Pillow – $17 (Limited time offer)
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If you’re loving the Klein Ceiba Cotton Pillow, why not add the Charlize Ceiba Cotton Bolster to your cart too, so you can enjoy maximum comfort in bed.

Charlize Ceiba Cotton Bolster – $25
Image courtesy of HOOGA

The luxuriously soft and gentle cotton makes it so huggable that you won’t even remember that you’re sleeping alone.

To round it all up, wrap yourself in the Claudia Pure Cotton Quilt, which is smooth and lightweight, almost like a gentle lover’s embrace.

Claudia Pure Cotton Quilt – $99
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The quilt also serves as an effective thermal insulator to get you through those cold, rainy nights.

Get new blankets & bedsheets from the HOOGA CNY sale

Amidst making your CNY prep like buying goodies or new clothes, you can add home decor and essentials to your haul at HOOGA‘s Chinese New Year sale.

Even if you can’t visit their physical stores, you can check out their website here to view their latest deals and products.

Note that regular-priced products such as pillows, bolsters, quilts, and towels are having limited-time offers from Friday (7 Jan) to Monday (10 Jan) at 10% off.

HOOGA constantly posts new content on their Facebook page and Instagram account, both of which you can follow for the latest updates. Use the #HOOGA #HOOGAINSPIRATION #HOOGASG hashtags to share your finds with friends who are also busy with spring cleaning.

Out with the old & in with the new this CNY

Even if spring cleaning involves a lot of chores, getting rid of all the dust and buying new stuff for your home can also feel therapeutic.

Your fam will certainly appreciate quality bed accessories that can help them sleep like babies.

A good night’s sleep ensures our loved ones can live a long and healthy life, which is what we hope for every CNY.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with HOOGA.

Featured image courtesy of HOOGA.

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