Sim Lim Ice Cream Uncle Also Gets Daily Meals & Allowance During ‘Circuit Breaker’

We’re currently on Day 36 of our ‘Circuit Breaker’ since it began on 7 Apr. While that seems like forever, most of us keep busy by working from home or hanging out with the kiddos.

But for this elderly ice cream uncle who’s a mainstay at Sim Lim Towers, it’s been a little lonely as he lives alone & is unable to continue working.

Happy People Helping People Community shared in a Facebook post on Monday (11 May), that they’ve gifted the 87-year-old with an essential ‘companion’ in a heartwarming gesture.


A sweet gift that will hopefully help ease Mr Ng’s long days at home & help the hours pass by a little quicker.

Sim Lim ice cream uncle gifted a TV, meals & allowance

As Mr Ng stays alone, a group of concerned citizens chipped in to help make his days a little less lonely.

The kind Samaritans of Happy People Helping People gifted Mr Ng a brand new Panasonic television on 11 May.


A large brand new TV for him to watch Channel 8 dramas and stay updated with the news in the comfort of home.


After the kind souls helped to set up the screen, Mr Ng was spotted channel surfing while checking out his new TV.

They also shared that they’ve been sponsoring his meals & giving him a small allowance to help tide him through this period.

If you wish to help brighten someone else’s day, you can consider becoming a sponsor for vulnerable members of the population with Second Meal here.

Familiar face at Sim Lim Towers

81-year-old Mr Ng needs no introduction, especially for those who frequent Sim Lim Towers. He’s been spotted hawking his signature rainbow bread and wafer ice cream by patrons over the years.


The hardworking senior was also seen working throughout Chinese New Year festivities in 2018, as pointed out by this netizen’s post.

Sadly, his work could not continue as ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures kicked in.

Heartwarming way to brighten someone else’s day

We love that Singaporeans have reached out to care for Sim Lim’s famous pushcart ice cream uncle.

Hopefully, this small act of kindness will inspire you to make the best of your remaining ‘Circuit Breaker’ days. Hang tight everyone, we’ll get through this together.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.