M’sian Influencer Gifts Bridesmaids Dyson Hair Dryers & Customised Designer Bags During 3-Day Bachelorette Party

M’sian Influencer Gifts Bridesmaids Dyson Hair Dryers & Customised Designer Bags During 3-Day Bachelorette Party

Malaysian Singer & Influencer Jestinna Kuan Throws Lavish Bachelorette Party For Lucky Bridesmaids

Influencers derive much of their success from openly sharing their lives online, which extends to milestones such as buying their first house or getting married.

When Malaysian singer and influencer Jestinna Kuan got hitched recently, social media users were given an intimate look at everything that went down — from the lavish bachelorette party to the wedding ceremony itself.

While the wedding ceremony was no doubt the highlight, followers were equally bowled over by the bachelorette party and the gifts her bridesmaids received.

influencer bachelorette bridesmaids

Source: @speishi on Instagram

Among many others, the bridesmaids received Dyson hair dryers, branded handbags, blind box figurines, and jewellery.

These were on top of a jam-packed itinerary that included an omakase experience and yoga session.

Bridesmaids of influencer document bachelorette party gifts on Instagram

Over the weekend, Jestinna threw a bachelorette party ahead of the gatecrashing and tea ceremony.

Her bridal party consisted of seven friends, all of whom are fellow influencers.

As such, Instagram users had a myriad of content to feast their eyes on, from the gifts to the games.

One of the bridesmaids, content creator Jessica Chaw, posted a video on Sunday (7 Jan) showing a living room fully decked out in various presents for her and the rest of the bridal party.

@jessicachaw We’re the luckiest bridesmaids in the world 😭♥️ #teambride #luckiest #fypmalaysia #bridesmaidgift #dysonairwrap ♬ peach eyes – wave to earth

They included yoga mats, Victoria’s Secret pyjamas, makeup, skincare, and full bridesmaid outfits.

Each bridesmaid also received a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, with the cases engraved with their names to boot.

influencer bachelorette bridesmaids

Source: @speishi on Instagram

On top of that, they were gifted a Longchamp tote bag, which too had been stamped with their initials.

influencer bridal shower bridesmaids

Source: @jessicachaw on TikTok

That was not all.

Each bridesmaid got a gift box containing a piece of Swarovski jewellery, a disposable camera, and a blind box figurine which Jestinna had customised to their likeness.

Bachelorette party spanned 3 days of activities to pamper bridesmaids

As lavish as the gifts were, they were simply one component of an elaborate bachelorette party that spanned three days and led right up to the gatecrashing.

According to a post by another bridesmaid, Qiu Wen, the wedding weekend kicked off last Friday (5 Jan) with afternoon tea, an omakase dinner, and a pyjama party.

influencer bridal shower bridesmaids

Source: @qiuwen1014 on Instagram

The next day, they enjoyed lunch, a pampering session, and a lok lok dinner.

Sunday began with a 7am morning call and finally, the gatecrashing.

Besides that, Qiu Wen also shared snapshots of the memorable weekend, including a group photo with the bridal party and a one-on-one photo with the bride herself.

Singaporean, Thai & Indonesian influencers were also part of bridal party

Jestinna’s bridal party was a multinational group as it consisted of friends from Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Soh Pei Shi aka @speishi was the sole bridesmaid from Singapore. She too gave followers an inside look at various moments from the bachelorette bash and wedding.

influencer bridal shower bridesmaids

Source: @speishi on Instagram

Besides that, there was Nobluk, a beauty content creator from Thailand, and Indonesian lifestyle influencer Molita Lin.

Thanks to them, Jestinna’s wedding festivities reached an even wider audience, extending beyond Malaysia and to those in the Southeast Asian region.

As far as bachelorette parties and weddings go, this is one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Congratulations to Jestinna and her new husband. May they look forward to a lifetime of happiness together.

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Featured image adapted from @speishi on Instagram and @jessicachaw on TikTok.

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