19-Year-Old M’sian Influencer Buys S$490K House To Thank Family For Their Support

19-Year-Old Malaysian Influencer Buys S$490,000 House For Family

As property prices shoot up, owning a home can seem more and more out of reach by the day.

This is more so the case for younger folks as they are relatively new to the workforce and usually have limited financial means.

One teenage influencer in Malaysia, however, has bucked the norm by buying a house for his family at the tender age of 19.

19 influencer buying house

Source: YouTube

Furthermore, the house is a landed unit and cost him S$490,000 (RM1.6 million).

Influencer bought house to repay family for supporting his dreams

Malaysian YouTuber Bryson Lew recently made waves with a video that took viewers on his journey of buying a house for his family.

In the video, the 19-year-old influencer revealed that buying a house has always been the second thing on his wish list.

The first was buying a car to drive his family of six around Malaysia to travel, but those plans had to be shelved when the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

As for the house, Mr Lew said that if his family becomes happier as a result of their new home, it would not be a house they bought, but a peaceful haven that everyone can return to.

He also shared that the house was his way of repaying his family.

According to Mr Lew, his family members have given him everything he wanted since he was young and supported his dreams, including starting a YouTube channel.

At present, Mr Lew has 1.14 million subscribers.

19 influencer buying house

Source: YouTube

He is most known for videos featuring his family, with whom he documents experiences ranging from the humorous to the intimate to the shocking.

Influencer’s family of 6 needed a house with more space

Aside from the above, Mr Lew shared a more prudent reason for buying a new house: His family needed more space.

The YouTuber often films his videos at home, something which the old house could no longer accommodate.

“Aside from there being filming equipment everywhere, my sisters’ rooms can no longer fit their things,” he explained in the video.

He went on to say that even the living room had turned into a storeroom as he showed a glimpse of the cluttered quarters.

19 influencer buying house

Source: YouTube

Besides having more space, the new house also has the advantage of being a corner lot, which Mr Lew said will allow his parents to cultivate a garden.

Influencer initially felt more pressured than joyful after buying house

Despite achieving this milestone at such a young age, Mr Lew admitted that he was more stressed out than joyful at first.

Faced with an impending loan of over 30 years and hefty renovation costs, the teen felt like he had taken on a huge responsibility.

19 influencer buying house

Source: YouTube

At one point, he doubted whether he could actually pull it off.

Nonetheless, he said he has since learned to see things from a new perspective.

Citing the fact that his parents will turn 60 and his grandma will turn 90 soon, Mr Lew said he feels that keeping them company and repaying them is the most meaningful thing he can do now.

Kudos to Mr Lew for achieving such a remarkable feat

Buying a home for ourselves – let alone our entire family – is something that many of us can only dream of achieving much later in life.

The fact that Mr Lew was able to make it happen at just 19 is a testament to the hard work he has put in, not to mention the love he has for his family.

Here’s wishing him and his family many happy days ahead in their new abode.

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