Italy Covid-19 Cases Rise To 7,375, With Record Increase Of 233 Deaths In A Day

Italy Covid-19 Death Toll Soars To 366, As Confirmed Cases Rise Over 7,000

On 8 Mar, Italy implemented a lockdown in several parts of the country, affecting more than 15 million Italians.


As authorities take stricter action, Italy confirms another 1,492 cases on 9 Mar, bringing the total number of cases to 7,375, according to Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

More shockingly, Covid-19 deaths in Italy increased from 133 to 366 overnight.


This marks a record-breaking increase in Italy’s Covid-19 toll in a day.

Will soon overtake South Korea

With this significant development over the weekend, Italy now has the highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths after China and South Korea.

They are not far behind South Korea that reported a total of 7,382 cases on the morning of 9 Mar, based on a report by CNA.


Both countries are in a similar struggle to contain the raging virus, as numbers soar past 7,000.

More than 15 million people affected by Italy Covid-19 lockdown

As the outbreak took a turn for the worse in Italy on 8 Mar, the government implemented a lockdown of several cities where Covid-19 is more prevalent.

This includes Lombardy and 11 other provinces, mostly in the northern region. This means that Italy is banning more than 15 million people from entering and leaving these locations.


Frequently visited Milan and Venice are part of the quarantine zones.

Italy cancelling large-scale gatherings

Besides suspending school and university classes, there is also a restriction of movement for Italians.

As such, public entertainment spaces like museums, cinemas, and pubs will be shut down until the situation improves.


Furthermore, large scale events including an exhibition commemorating the death of Raphael in Rome are being unfortunately cancelled.

Italy Covid-19 lockdown expected to last till April

The country is intending to extend this lockdown until 3 Apr as stated in an official announcement by the Italian government.


Despite the detrimental effects it has on the country, this might be the optimal way to limit the spread of Covid-19.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) even complimented Italy for the “genuine sacrifices” they are making in order to protect their people.

With these stringent measures put in place, we hope that Italy can effectively control the spread of Covid-19 and prevent further infections.

Featured image adapted from Anadolu Agency.

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