ITE Graduate Claims He Earns S$80K Yearly As Plumber In Australia, Slams Low Pay In S’pore

ITE Graduate Claims He Earns S$80K Yearly As Plumber In Australia, Slams Low Pay In S’pore

ITE Graduate Claims He Earns S$80K A Year As Plumber In Australia

When it comes to post-secondary studies in Singapore, the usual routes to take include universities, junior colleges, polytechnics, and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

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However, there are some who might look down on ITE graduates, leading Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Lawrence Wong to speak out about it recently.

One Singaporean recently shared that their ITE qualifications were the reason why they only made S$1,600 as a starting pay.

Due to this, the ITE graduate has since migrated to Australia, where they now allegedly earn S$80,000 a year as a plumber.

ITE graduate claims life is better overseas

Via an anonymous post on the Facebook confessions page SGWhispers, the OP revealed that they are now in their 30s and working in Australia.

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They went on to claim that they were “looked down” on their “whole life” as an ITE graduate.

When they started working, they purportedly received a monthly salary of only S$1,600.

Furthermore, they were told that they “deserve” to be paid as such due to their educational background.

Now, the OP claims that they earn over S$100,000 a year as a plumber in Australia.

Even after tax deductions, the earnings still come up to S$80,000, or just under S$7,000 a month.

They added that they are merely a lone plumber and not the owner of their own company.

Finally, the ITE graduate advised those in their field, as well as nursing and construction, to leave Singapore as other places are “better”.

They also alleged that plumbers in Singapore will never make higher than S$1,800 as there is always “cheaper labour” across the Causeway, ostensibly referring to Malaysia.

Netizens divided over ITE graduate’s claims

The OP’s confession quickly sparked a spirited debate in the comments.

One netizen agreed, saying that perhaps it is Singapore’s education system that has caused this pay disparity.

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Another said that people should see things from the customer’s point of view as well.

They explained that if a tradesperson earns a high salary in Singapore, it also means that their services will cost more.

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One remarked that the OP’s pay may not be as lucrative as it seems due to Australia’s high inflation rate and goods and services tax (GST).

They added that they’re better off living in Singapore, citing its proximity to travel destinations and its relatively stronger currency.

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Additionally, this user advised the OP not to forget their roots.

ITE Australia plumber

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Some took a neutral stance, calling on the classic saying “to each their own” and congratulating the OP on their success.

ITE Australia plumber

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ITE graduate’s claims match statistics of plumbers’ pay in Australia

Based on various websites’ data, it appears that the OP’s claims match the average earnings of an Australia-based plumber.

According to a list of the highest-earning tradespeople by the Australian local business platform Service Seeking, plumbers were ranked #1 with average yearly earnings of S$101,700 (A$110,000).

Seek, an Australian employment marketplace, puts plumbers’ average annual salary at a range of S$60,000 to S$78,600 (A$65,000 to A$85,000).

On the global salary database Salary Expert, a plumber in Australia is estimated to earn over S$85,000 (A$92,397) a year.

That number rises to as high as S$105,000 (A$113,545) for more experienced talent.

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