S’pore Meme Site Now Has Famous Jamus T-Shirts For Those Who Thinks He’s A Snacc

“Famous Jamus” Shirt Now Available On Singaplex Online Store

Dr Jamus Lim has been the talk of the town since starring in the political debate earlier this week, and it’s easy to see why — he’s super smart, eloquent and pretty charismatic too.

WP’s Jamus Lim Wins Netizens’ Hearts In 1st GE2020 Debate Starring Vivian Balakrishnan

If you find Dr Lim to be a total snacc and just can’t get enough of him, folks from Singapore meme site Singaplex got just the merch to express your desires — “Famous Jamus” T-shirts.


Famous Jamus T-shirt is pretty minimalistic

Similar to the “East Coast by East Coast” merch, the Famous Jamus T-shirt is pretty minimalistic as well.


A logo resembling that of Famous Amos’ can be found on the front of the shirt, albeit with some cheeky edits — removing “Amos” and replacing it with “Jamus”.


Mr Wally Amos might be famous for his tasty cookie snacks, but Jamus is the true snacc in the eyes of many Singaporeans.

The shirt also has the words “bite size cheques” printed at the bottom of the logo, referencing the “blank cheque” comment Dr Lim made during the debate.


The T-shirts are available at S$35 per piece and come in black, white, and navy.


They also come in 5 sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL – and can be bought on Singaplex’s online store.

Shipping costs $5 for all orders but is free for customers who spend $60 and above. Do check out their East Coast by East Coast collection here too.

Minimalist East Coast Merch Now For Sale On S’pore Site, ‘Cause East Coast Is Best Coast

What election design should they launch next?

If you know someone who finds Dr Jamus Lim to be a total snacc and can’t get enough of him, share this T-shirt with them. Trust us, they’ll be eternally grateful.

With the elections just around the corner, folks from Singaplex seems to be coming up with some pretty hilarious political apparel and merch. Have any ideas on what they should release next? Share them in the comments below!

Featured image adapted from Singaplex.

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