S’pore Student Nearly Hit By Taxi After Crossing Road On Red Man & Suddenly Turning Back

Young Student Jaywalking In Rain Nearly Hit By Taxi After Turning Back

Drilling road safety into young children’s minds is increasingly important, as a recent video of a taxi nearly hitting a jaywalking child showed.

In the dashcam video, a young primary school student crosses the road. She holds a large umbrella as the heavy rain beats down.

Despite the red man, she walks halfway across before halting in front of a lorry. As if panicking, the child then turns and runs back across.

A taxi driving across the intersection barely brakes in time to avoid hitting the young student.

Taxi nearly hits jaywalking child

The dashcam video showing a young student nearly being run over was posted to ROADS.sg and SG Road Vigilante. The near-miss occurred on 19 Sep at around 5pm.

The camcar is stationary at a T-junction, heavy rain drenching everything around it.

A young girl in a primary school uniform, carrying a large umbrella barely above her head and a plastic bag on her right arm, starts walking across the road.

The red man is clearly visible, and with the green light, cars begin to drive across the intersection.

Source: SGRV Admin on Facebook

As she reaches the halfway point, an approaching lorry brakes to let her pass.

Terrifyingly, cars continue to whizz past the truck at a blind spot for the student.

As if she just suddenly realised the red man was up, or perhaps fearing the cars going past, the student stops in her tracks.

Then, maybe in a panic, she quickly turns and attempts to run back across the crossing to where she came from.

Source: SGRV Admin on Facebook

She doesn’t seem to realise she’s rushing directly into the path of a yellow taxi. Thankfully, both the child and the taxi driver halt just in time. She bumps into the side of the taxi, but avoids being run over.

Source: SGRV Admin on Facebook

Mercifully unscathed, the student runs around the back of the vehicle to the sidewalk while the yellow cab sits still.

Source: SGRV Admin on Facebook

Netizens blame jaywalking kid’s parents

While nobody was hurt in this video, it could have easily been much worse.

Jaywalking with cars actively passing by is dangerous enough. Doing so in the rain, where braking is more difficult and where the possibility of slipping is present, is doubly so.

The camcar’s driver put the blame on the parents instead, saying that children do not have mature enough judgement to “make critical decisions like these”.

Source: SGRV Admin on Facebook

Many netizens agreed, with one suggesting the umbrella could have blocked the kid’s view of the red man. They criticised the parents for not ensuring their child’s safety.

Source: Facebook

Hopefully, the kid learned a valuable road safety lesson that day.

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Feature image adapted from SGRV Admin on Facebook.

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