‘Because of money, everything can’: JB petrol station employee accused of accepting tips from S’pore driver

JB petrol employee accused of accepting tips from S’pore driver

On Thursday (23 May), an X user posted a short clip showing an employee at a Johor Bahru (JB) petrol kiosk being accused of accepting a tip.

The tip allegedly came from the passengers of a Singapore-registered car.

In the video, the person recording says that petrol employees would go to lengths for Singapore cars and ignore Malaysian cars.

He even alleged that staff would allow Singapore drivers to fill their cars with RON95 petrol.

“Because of money, everything can,” the man added at the end of the video.

JB petrol employee allegedly serves S’pore driver well because of tip

X user @update11111 reposted a short video of a JB petrol employee accused of going the extra mile to serve a Singapore-registered car in exchange for a tip.

In the video, a petrol station employee can be seen cleaning a silver Mazda with a Singapore licence plate. A man and a woman stand nearby.

Shortly after, the woman can be seen handing a tip to the employee.

Source: @update11111 on X

He then puts the money into his pocket before continuing to clean the vehicle’s windows.

Source: @update11111 on X

Speaking in Malay, the man filming the scene accused the petrol employee of providing excellent service to the Singapore-registered car because of the tip.

He further alleged that workers would simply ignore Malaysian cars.

“He’s already cleaned the car front to back. Sometimes when the drivers fill up the car with RON95 they will ignore it because they get tips,” the man added.

“Because of money, everything can. If it’s a Malaysian car, no matter how long we wait they will just pretend not to notice us.”

He also said that Singaporean cars would usually be allowed to pump RON95 if they tipped RM20 or RM30.

Netizens comment they see no issue with accepting tips

One user commented that he saw nothing wrong with the employee going the extra mile because he received a tip.

Source: @update11111 on X

Another netizen said in Malay: “There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s not their job to clean anyone’s car. They don’t only target Singaporean cars; they also wash Malaysian cars, but only if you drive a BMW or Vellfire. If you drive an Axia, please wash your own car.”

Source: @update11111 on X

One netizen shared it’s okay to accept tips if people offer. Also, it was not captured in the video that the employee helped the driver fill their car with RON95.

petrol employee accepting tip

Source: @update11111 on X

Similarly, one user agreed that accepting tips is not wrong and said she would give a little tip if someone cleaned her car’s window.

petrol employee accepting tip

Source: @update11111 on X

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Featured image adapted from @update11111 on X.

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