Changi Jurassic Mile Has Nets For Visitors’ Safety After Recent Golf Ball Incident

A visit to Changi Jurassic Mile on 22 Oct went awry when a domestic helper was struck by a golf ball. Following that, Changi Airport Group (CAG) promised to take necessary action to prevent a repeat of the accident.

Jurassic Mile golf ball


Recent observations proved their quick response, after a Redditor spotted workers installing nets along the path.

The nets were set up less than a week after the incident.

Workers install nets along Jurassic Mile

In a Reddit post on Saturday (24 Oct), a netizen shared a picture of workers setting up nets along the Jurassic Mile stretch.

netting for golf ballsSource

Considering that this happened within the vicinity of the golf ball incident and shortly after it happened, we can infer that CAG had likely initiated the setup.

Like similar features at many golf ranges, the nets are presumably there to prevent golf balls from flying out and injuring passersby.

Google Maps shows that the Jurassic Mile lies at the end of Tanah Merah Country Club’s Garden Course.

Jurassic Mile golf ballSource

The risk of a similar incident happening again is thus high, and requires immediate attention.

CAG said they’d minimise risk after incident

After the incident occured, CAG said that they were looking into ways to minimise the risk of stray golf balls hitting visitors at Jurassic Mile. Options included putting up nettings, reports Channel NewsAsia.

Jurassic Mile golf ballSource

Seeing their safety plans come to fruition so soon is therefore a huge relief.

Information about how far the nettings extend is currently unavailable, but MS News has reached out to CAG for comments.

Safety at attractions with high human traffic

Though Changi Airport Jurassic Mile was opened recently, it has already seen large crowds who want to catch the dinosaur exhibits.

Besides cyclists and joggers, young children and the elderly are among those who visit the attraction.

As these groups are especially vulnerable, we are thankful that extra measures have been put in place to ensure their safety. After all, the only things that should be ‘dangerous’ are the dinosaurs on the other side of the fence.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Reddit.