Jurong Accident Victim Saves 5 Lives Through Organ Donation, Helps 2 Blind Men Regain Sight

Mother In Fatal Jurong Accident Saves 5 Lives Through Organ Donation

In January, a mother on her way to celebrate her son’s stellar O-Level results, unfortunately, didn’t make it home.

52-year-old Ms Or Cheng Khim passed on after being hit by a lorry. She is dearly remembered by those who knew her, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife.

Mother Passes Away In Fatal Jurong Accident, Was On Her Way Home To Celebrate Son’s O-Level Results

Not only did she touch the lives of everyone she met, but she also continued to make an impact after her passing through organ donation.

Thanks to her selfless contribution, she saved 5 people’s lives, including 2 visually impaired men who can now see again.

Victim of lorry accident in Jurong

On 12 Jan, Ms Or – a pre-school teacher and a freelance balloon sculptor – was hit by a lorry in Jurong.

The fatal accident took place near the junction of Yuan Ching Road and Yung Kuang Road.

CT scans at Ng Teng Fong Hospital showed severe brain swelling, and she, unfortunately, succumbed to her injuries 2 days later.

Her tragic passing tugged at the nation’s heartstrings, as many mourned the loss of a kind and cheerful soul.


Donates organs & saves 3 lives

Doing what she would’ve wanted, her family agreed to organ donations following the fatal Jurong accident.

Ms Or’s sisters recently informed Shin Min Daily News that her organs have helped 5 people regain a chance at life.

Earning a thank-you card from the National Organ Transplant Unit, Ms Or’s kidneys benefitted a 27-year-old man and a 47-year-old woman.

Thanks to her liver, a 42-year-old mother now has a new chance at a normal life.

A 21-year-old and 82-year-old have Ms Or’s cornea to thank for being able to see the world and its many colours again.


Lucky that she could help them

Mr Or’s sister told Shin Min Daily News that the family is still grief-stricken by her passing.

However, they take consolation in knowing that she has helped 5 others carry on with many more years of their lives.

Their mum was also heartened by the news. “Not every organ can find a suitable recipient. So I think she’s lucky to be able to help others, too,” says Ms Or’s sister.

Thank you, Ms Or

Though not physically with us anymore, Ms Or’s life continues through the 5 recipients of her organs.

By gifting them the invaluable chance at a new life, Ms Or does her family and everyone who’s ever known her proud.

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