Keppel Marina East Plant Will Open Green Rooftop Space Soon

In a country as smol as Singapore, our nation has learnt incredibly creative ways to cope with the lack of space over the years.

From hanging gardens to solar-panelled rooftops, we’re great at re-purposing public spaces to maximise every square metre of available land.

Over at a desalination plant in Keppel Marina East, we can also expect a similar situation — this time, with citizens able to enjoy cool breezes & panoramic views from a green rooftop, once it’s open for access soon.

Here’s Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) post on Tuesday (18 Aug) in full.


We summarise what else is in store for Easties below.

Weekend picnics & sunset views

Besides seating & open-air lounge areas, the huge oblong area will definitely be able to host a vast number of citizens eager for a jalan-jalan based on the picture.

keppel marina eastSource

Easties can also expect to visit the desalination plant’s rooftop to engage in activities like weekend picnics or indulging in panoramic sunset views with bae.

20,000sqm of rooftop space reduces heat

Keppel Marina East’s massive rooftop space spans 20,000 square metres — its green area is intended to reduce the “urban heat island effect”.

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A water treatment plant underground, the facility will host a large communal area above, earmarked as a lush “recreational space”.

Open for public access soon

While the desalination plant is already active, treating seawater & freshwater drawn from Marina Reservoir in an underground treatment facility.


As for the rooftop space, URA notes it will be open for public access soon. No confirmed opening date was stated at the time of writing.

We will update this post when further information rolls in.

Cycle from East Coast Park or Gardens By The Bay

But before opening day arrives officially, you can get there via the Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network.

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Alternatively, you can also jog or cycle from ever-popular East Coast Park & Gardens By The Bay East.

Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant

Opening Hours: TBD
Nearest MRT: Stadium MRT Station
Website: Public Utilities Board

A second Marina Barrage chill area

If the space opens soon, it will fall under the same rules that govern Phase 2. Do take note that safe-distancing measures still apply.

keppel marina eastSource

When Marina Barrage’s rooftop area first opened for public visitors, we recall that many families took it in their stride as a lovely picnic spot & chill area for long weekends.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for Keppel Marina East’s green hotspot.

Featured image adapted from URA on Facebook