Gardens By The Bay’s New Plaza Has A Bubbling Brook & Stunning Cave Opening On 14 Apr

Gardens By The Bay’s Floral Fantasy Opens On 14 Apr

Ever wondered what it’s like to enter a fantasy world filled with waterfalls, bubbling brooks and vibrant flowers?

Floral Fantasy – the upcoming attraction at Gardens by the Bay – will transform into a blooming fantasyland on 14 Apr.

Located at Bayfront Plaza, the destination will feature four diverse garden landscapes —Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift.

We’ve contacted Gardens by the Bay for you, if you’re already completely sold by the whimsical view of pendulous floral balls. Here’s what else to expect.

Bubbling brook & stunning cave

We all know Gardens by the Bay doesn’t have a natural source of water but anything is possible with science and technology.

The Float zone will include a gorgeous bubbling brook beside drooping branches of Oldham’s Silverberry trees.

The intricately-arranged rock formations and flowering plants make this one of the ideal places for date nights.

The Drift zone will include a semi-enclosed cave-like landscape surrounded by terraced rock formations, South American orchids and hanging ferns.

The blue ceiling lights mimic the light from glow worms and convert the space into an underground tropical rainforest.

Rain oasis & tableau of flowers

We’ve seen decadent ceilings ensconced with lush florals in images of high-class weddings and special occasions. Now you can live the experience and not just rely on Pinterest.

The Dance zone will feature a floral-covered ceiling installation that forms an immersive tableau of brightly-coloured flowers.

If you ever wanted to visit an oasis in the middle of a tropical rainforest, visit the Waltz zone. The space is covered with driftwood structures and droplets of water cascading down into small ponds.

The area is currently being filled with trees and plants but we’re hotly anticipating the Poison Dart Frog display — which will allow us to admire their brightly coloured bodies from a safe distance.

4D ride at fantasy theatre

Gardens by the Bay’s Floral Fantasy will have a 4D ride called Flight of the Dragonfly.

As its namesake suggests, visitors will be able to feel like a flying dragonfly and witness a whole new world through their eyes.


Parents should note that the ride has a height requirement of 1-metre and above.

Ticketing & admission rates

The admission rates for Floral Fantasy are $9 for adults and $5 for senior citizens or children. From 14 May onwards, it’ll be $12 for adults and $8 for senior citizens or children. Proof of residency may be required when purchasing tickets or when entering conservatories.

The standard rate for tourists and non-Singaporeans are $17 for adults or senior citizens and $10 for children. From May 14 onwards, the price will be $20 for adults or senior citizens and $12 for children.


Those who’d like to visit the other conservatories should opt for their Attraction Bundle which is available at the Gardens by the Bay Ticketing counters.


Opens on 14 April at Bayfront Plaza

Floral Fantasy opens on 14 April at the Bayfront Plaza.

While we’re sad to see their Sakura Matsuri end, we’re looking forward to visiting a forest of flowers located in caves and bubbling brooks.

Opening Hours: 9.00AM – 9.00PM daily (Except on 14 Apr, when Floral Fantasy is open from 2.00pm – 9.00pm)
Last admission: 8.00PM
Location: Bayfront Plaza
Nearest MRT: Bayfront MRT station
Website: Gardens by the Bay Floral Fantasy

Featured image from Gardens by the Bay.

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