KFC Crocs Come With Fried Chicken-Scented Drumstick Jibbitz

Singaporeans’ addiction to fried chicken is no mystery, but just how far can the obsession go?

Popular fast food brand Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and footwear brand Crocs have partnered up to push those limits, with a new rubber clog design.


Now your fingers aren’t the only ones that can get some “Finger lickin’ good” on them — your toes can too.

Shoes smell like legit KFC fried chicken

Everyone loves fried chicken, but you don’t truly love them unless you profess that feeling somehow. A social media dedication, a fried chicken treat every week, or in some cases, wearing a fried chicken product.


If you’re not much of a decorative accessory kind of person, why not go for something you can wear every time you leave the house?

Since these Crocs shoes are made from waterproof rubber, they’ll be perfect for you to weather the rain in the ongoing monsoon season.


You won’t even have to worry about your feet smelling dank after squelching in the rain, because the shoes’ natural smell will mask the stench anyway. What smell, you ask? Fried chicken — that’s right, you’ll be walking around with the delectable scent of KFC wafting from your feet.

Just steer clear of hungry cats or dogs, in case they end up chasing you.

A fried chicken fantasy on your feet

The fried chicken motif across the shoes looks so realistic, you can’t spot them amidst a pool of actual chicken. Take a look at this:


The only parts that stand out are probably the Fried Chicken Jibbitz, which are like mini 3D replicas of fried chicken drumsticks.

They’re the ones carrying most of the KFC scent around, so keep them on to let your shoes smell like chicken. Note that the Jibbitz are only available with the KFC Crocs, so you can’t get them separately.


We’d totally bite into those if we didn’t know they were inedible. Adults, make sure you let the little ones know.

KFC Crocs available for purchase from 28 Jul

Promotional videos and photos with Korean singer MLMA show a platform heel version, though we’re not sure if those will be for sale.


What we do know is that the regular clogs will be available on Crocs’ website from this coming Tuesday (28 Jul), at roughly 4pm Singapore time.

Prices have not been revealed yet, so just get your credit cards ready in case, as limited edition designs tend to sell out fast. Mark your calendars for the 28th, and take your love for KFC to another level.

Featured image adapted from YouTube and PAPER Magazine.