KFC Malaysia Streetwear Will Be Available At Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre Near KL

Earlier this year, KFC Singapore ran a contest that gave 8 lucky fans the chance to bring home sneakers with Colonel Sanders motifs printed on the sides.


Now, KFC Malaysia has joined in the fast food fashion hype train.

In conjunction with Malaysia Day on 16 Sep, the beloved fast food chain will release 11 hypebeast-style fashion pieces, like T-shirts, hoodies, and badges.


This is made possible thanks to their collaboration with Malaysian streetwear brand Pestle & Mortar Clothing.

Hoodies in red & white

Arguably the boldest piece of the collection, this crimson hoodie features a lady dressed in a kebaya holding up a piece of fried chicken.

KFC’s signature tagline, “It’s finger lickin’ good”, is also printed on the hoodie in the country’s main languages.


If red is a colour that’s reserved exclusively for Chinese New Year in your books, consider this white Nostalgic Hoodie instead.

Malaysia’s first KFC store in Kuala Lumpur is printed on the front of the piece. It signifies that though times have changed, Malaysians’ love for fried chicken remains undying.


Dope black bomber jackets

If fleece ain’t your thing, perhaps this Bow Tie Bomber jacket would suit you better.


Colonel Sander’s charismatic smile can be on the back of the piece, adding to the dope factor.

Buttoned shirts & T-shirts

If you find the hoodies too impractical for Singapore’s humid weather, you may prefer the T-shirts and collared shirts from the collection.

This white T-shirt may seem rather ordinary at first glance, but flip it around and you’ll see Penang’s iconic KFC outlet that sadly closed in March.


The collection also has 2 collared shirts if you prefer a dapper look.

This Complete Meal Bowling Shirt is a rojak combination of all the designs in the collection. Wear this shirt to any party and we guarantee you’ll be the subject of everyone’s conversation.


The Atuk Sanders Tee, which comes in black, has Colonel Sanders dressed in a traditional sarong asking “Who’s your atuk?” — meaning grandpa in Malay.


We think the answer’s pretty obvious.

Hats & badges to spice up your attire

Now that you’ve got your clothes settled, you’ll also need the accessories to spice up that look.

Hats are every lazy individuals’ go-to solution when they’re too lazy to do up their hair.

If you prefer something funky, opt for the reversible O.R. Bucket Hat, which comes in red and white stripes on one side, and KFC toon designs on the other.


Otherwise, go for the Golden Perfection Baseball Cap, which has a fried chicken bucket logo at the front so everyone knows that KFC fried chicken is the only thing on your mind.


Need a bag to carry all your loots home? Grab the Under Pressure Tote Bag which also features KFC’s iconic pressure cooker.


Lastly, the collection has pins that you can add-on to your main course attire. The 3 designs are available, namely Original Recipe Drumstick, Cheezy Wedges, and KFC Chicken Bucket.


Proceeds will go to charity

At the time of writing, the exact prices of the fashion pieces have not been released, but will reportedly range from S$39 (RM119) to S$82 (RM249).

That said, profits from the sale will be donated to Add Hope Malaysia, an organisation which aims to eradicate world hunger.

Sadly, it appears that the collection will only be available in Malaysia, specifically at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre – which is a 45-minute car ride from Kuala Lumpur – from 5 Sep.

Here’s where to get to.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Meanwhile, let’s hope these limited edition merch will be making their way to Singapore in the near future. Fingers crossed!

Featured image adapted from Instagram