KFC Tampines Mall’s Open Kitchen Is Like Din Tai Fung’s Glass Gallery, But Fried Chicken

KFC Tampines Mall Lets You See How Fried Chicken Is Prepared

Die-hard KFC fans must have often dreamt of seeing the preparation process of their favourite fried chicken.

If you’re a KFC lover yourself, you’ll be excited to know that KFC’s newest outlet at Tampines Mall lets you do just that.

Aptly named “The Tank”, the spanking new restaurant has an open kitchen that lets diners observe the making of their finger-lickin’ fried chicken.

Think Din Tai Fung’s signature open kitchen concept, but fried chicken

First open kitchen in Southeast Asia

KFC Tampines Mall’s kitchen is surrounded with glass panels so customers can view the art of frying chickens with their very own eyes.

This open kitchen concept will be KFC’s first in Singapore, as well as in the whole of Southeast Asia.


You’ll be able to see chefs hard at work, going through the whole process of preparing the chicken, from breading to frying it to perfection.


But if you’re thinking of having a glimpse into their top-secret recipe, note that KFC is not planning on revealing their 79-year-old formula.

Insider tour available at 9 outlets

From their signature grilled chicken to their mala chicken, KFC sure knows how to win over Singaporeans’ hearts.

If you want to go further, KFC also has an insider tour that you can sign up for, at 9 KFC outlets across Singapore.

Registration for this programme will commence next Monday (8 Apr).

Meanwhile, if you’re a die-hard KFC fan, head on down to Tampines Mall to witness some of that behind-the-scenes magic for yourself.

Featured image from BYKidO on Facebook and Facebook.

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